Watchers in Death Gem Generator

The following tool is for randomly generating gems for upgrades in your own Watchers in Death campaign.

Each model is limited to two gems per Weapon, two gems for Armour, two gems for Shields, and one Jewelery gem.  Once a gem is equipped it cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Rare Black Gem

...of Hero Slayer (Weapon): +1 Damage against HEROES

...of Aura of Haste (Shield): All friendly units within 12" can run and charge.

...of Superior Damage Reduction (Jewelery): Reduce the Damage of all attacks made against the bearer by 1, to a minimum of 1. In addition, if any attack deals mortal wounds to this model, reduce the number of mortal wounds inflicted by 1 to a minimum of 1.

...of Deflection (Armour): +1 save against Ranged attacks. This does not stack with cover, and cannot bring the saving throw to a 2+.

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