Over the past few years we have developed many custom rules and resources for our narrative campaigns. You can find most of them here on this page. Feel free to use these however you like, including modifying them.

Forbidden Power Custom Campaign Rules

Custom Rules (GM or GMless)

The Shattered Imperium

Character Sheets

Path to Glory Convergence of Anarchaea

Path to Glory Convergence of Anarchaea Rules

Fallout 40k Campaign

Fallout 40k Campaign Main Rules

Doom of Eolicanth

Doom of Eolicanth Main Rules

Yogvir and Tor

Yogvir and Tor Main Rules
Yogvir and Tor Ability Cards


Deathwatch: Apothis
Deathwatch: Tyrus
Character Sheets
Random Item Generator
Random Item Generator (Tyrus)

Watchers in Death (i.e. Deathwatch in Age of Sigmar)

Click here for the rules
Random Gem Generator

Ilorath's Awakening

Click here for the campaign rules
Map of Ilorath

Spell Hunters

Main Rules

Fate's Encore

Main Rules

Augustine's Wreckage

The following rules and resources were used to film our Augustine's Wreckage narrative campaign. They combine the rules of Armageddon with the campaign system of the Necromunda Community Edition, with the factions built from the Inquisimunda rules.

A HUGE shoutout goes to YakTribe.org and their awesome community who have worked hard to keep Necromunda updated and interesting.

Click here to download the rules (BETA)


Note from Matthew: I would recommend not using these rules and just using the rules as they are written in the Gorkamorka original rules. However, I still wanted to leave these here for those that wanted to see them.

Click here to download the rules (BETA)
Big Rig Rules
The Unnamed GorkaMorka Site - A great resource for those interested in Gorkamorka

Tyrus Incident

Click here to download the rules

Return to Fayoom

Click here to download the Flayer Virus Necrons' rules

This is Not a Test

Click here to download the settlement rules (very BETA)