Watchers in Death Gem Generator

The following tool is for randomly generating gems for upgrades in your own Watchers in Death campaign.

Each model is limited to two gems per Weapon, two gems for Armour, two gems for Shields, and one Jewelery gem.  Once a gem is equipped it cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Rare Yellow Gem

...of Death (Armour): If an enemy unit is slain within 12" of this model this model may immediately either make a charge move, or it may instead pile-in and attack as if it were the Fight Phase. If it is the Combat Phase then this is in addition to its normal turn to fight.

Uncommon White Gem

...of Fear (Jewelery): When an enemy unit finishes a charge move within 3" of the bearer roll a d6. If the d6 roll is equal to or greater than the Bravery of the charging unit then they cannot fight in the next Fight Phase.

Rare White Gem

...of Extreme Luck (Jewelery): Reroll one hit roll, wound roll, damage roll, or save roll per phase.

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