The Lost City - An Open Sandbox Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign

The Lost City of Nalburak Has Returned...

In the Age of Myth, the legendary wizard Thalador delved deep into the mysteries of the magics that created the realms themselves. His power was unmatched, and he created the enchanted city of Nulbaruk that spanned all eight realms.

Many coveted this power, including the jealous gods. But Thalador was untouchable, and those who dared to challenge him were destroyed. However, the gods' envy would be Thalador's undoing. They wove a curse that hurled the city into the aether, lost from all the realms forever.

Now, rumors have surfaced that the Lost City of Nulbaruk has returned. A ruinous shadow of its former self, with only the wizard's tower standing tall at its center. The city has manifested in four realms, including the Realm of Fire, Shadow, Beasts, and Metal.

Four alliances now move their forces to claim the Lost City, and all the secrets that lie within.

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