Deathwatch Item Generator 9th Edition

Generate crazy random weapons for use in your homebrewed Deathwatch narrative games.  Disclaimer:  This will sometimes generate aboslute nonsense, and is really just intended to help you have loads of fun with your Deathwatch campaigns.

Any attempt to use these stats in a tournament will result in general and well-earned mockery.

Purity Seal - Hymn of Fury

+1 attack per enemy model within 2" of this model (maximum 3 extra attacks)

Eldar Ghostsword

Phasing, Accurate, Crushing


Target must reroll successful invulnerable saves against this weapon


+1 to hit rolls


+2 damage against targets with a Save characteristic of 3+ or better

Teleport Pack

Instead of moving this model can displace itself 3d6" to a location that it or an ally can see, more than 1" from enemy models.  This counts as having moved, and also counts as Falling Back if the model started within 1" of an enemy model.

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