Deathwatch Item Generator 9th Edition

Generate crazy random weapons for use in your homebrewed Deathwatch narrative games.  Disclaimer:  This will sometimes generate aboslute nonsense, and is really just intended to help you have loads of fun with your Deathwatch campaigns.

Any attempt to use these stats in a tournament will result in general and well-earned mockery.

Ork Burna

Phasing, Master-crafted, Increased Damage


Target must reroll successful invulnerable saves against this weapon


An unmodified hit roll of 6+ automatically wounds the target (do not make a wound roll).

Increased Damage:

+1 Damage

Ork Big Choppa

No additional traits.

Banner - Banner of Hatred

All friendly models within 6" reroll 1s in the Fight Phase.

Genestealer Cult Heavy Rock Cutter



Unmodified hit rolls of 6 cause 1 mortal wound to the target in addition to any other damage.

Genestealer Cult Heavy Rock Cutter



-1 to hit rolls

Dark Eldar Liquifier Gun

No additional traits.

Guardian Spear

Stronger, Poisoned


+1 Strength

If a weapon has a Strength Multiplier (e.g. x2) then apply this +1 BEFORE the multiplication


Always wounds on a 2+ except against Vehicles, in which case use its normal Strength

Relic Blade

No additional traits.

Auxiliary Grenade Launcher

Eldar Aeldari Blade

No additional traits.

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