Deathwatch Item Generator 9th Edition

Generate crazy random weapons for use in your homebrewed Deathwatch narrative games.  Disclaimer:  This will sometimes generate aboslute nonsense, and is really just intended to help you have loads of fun with your Deathwatch campaigns.

Any attempt to use these stats in a tournament will result in general and well-earned mockery.


Longer Range, Weaker

Longer Range:

+3" range if Grenade or Pistol
+6" range if Assault or Rapid Fire
+12" range if Heavy


-1 Strength

If this weapon has a Strength multiplier (e.g. x2) apply the -1 Strength BEFORE the multiplier

Banner - The Black Banner

Friendly models within 6" of this banner in the Fight Phase gain +1 Attack and +1 to their hit rolls.  However, for each unmodified hit roll a 1 roll a d6.  On a 4+ they suffer 1 mortal wound.

Purity Seal - Prayer of Steel

This model treats any AP -1 weapons as AP 0.

Guardian Spear



Unmodified hit rolls of 1 from this weapon inflict 1 mortal wound each on the firer (after all attacks have been resolved).  This is in addition to any other overheating rules the weapon might have.

Hand Flamer

No additional traits.

Force Axe



An unmodified hit roll of 6+ automatically wounds the target (do not make a wound roll).

Purity Seal - Rite of Holy Fury

This model ignores all negative modifiers when Fighting.

Eldar Plasma Grenade

Lesser Poison

Lesser Poison:

Always wounds on a 4+ unless the target is a Vehicle or Titanic.

Plasma Blaster

Extra Attack, Armourbane, Multi-attack

Extra Attack:

+1 Attack with this weapon (e.g. Rapid Fire 2 becomes Rapid Fire 3, Melee weapons gain only one extra hit roll when Fighting)


+1 Strength, +1 AP, and +1 Damage against Vehicles and Monsters


Make 2 hit rolls for every shot / attack this weapon normally does

Dark Eldar Razorflails

Lesser Poison, Crippling

Lesser Poison:

Always wounds on a 4+ unless the target is a Vehicle or Titanic.


Unmodified hit rolls of 6 cause 1 mortal wound to the target in addition to any other damage.

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