Fall From Grace PART 2: What Chaos God Would Each Loyal Primarch Follow If They Turned Traitor?

Fall From Grace PART 2: What Chaos God Would Each Loyal Primarch Follow If They Turned Traitor?

May 14, 2020

Fall From Grace PART 2: What Chaos God Would Each Loyal Primarch Follow If They Turned Traitor?


“A man can be convinced to do anything, no matter how abhorrent, with the right motivation.” - First Chaplain Erebus 

Welcome back dear readers and wargamers alike to the Gentleman’s Reserve. I am Vito from and today we are continuing our hypothetical adventure into the 9 loyal primarchs. Should they turn to the ruinous powers of chaos which chaos god would they follow? If you have not already read part 1, I highly recommend that you do so that you do not miss out on any heretical ideas I may have hehe. You can find part 1 here. But moving forward, let me take you on a tale of high adventure (insert Conan The Destroyer intro music here to make the reading feel epic).


Leman Russ


Let us start with a powerhouse. The wolf king of Fenris himself, primarch of the Space Wolves, Leman Russ. Russ was considered to be one of the greatest of warriors amongst the primarchs. Known for his stubborn and ferocious personality he was regarded as one of the Emperor’s most loyal sons.

To himself and even amongst fellow brothers he was acknowledged as the Emperor’s personal executioner. It has even been rumoured that the two missing primarchs and their legions, the II and the X1, more commonly known as the ‘forgotten and purged’, were expunged by Russ and his legion for reasons we will never know. Russ and the Space Wolves were masters of bringing worlds under compliance during the Great Crusade and none stood in their way. 

During the time of the Horus Heresy is perhaps one of the saddest and most violent times for the Russ and his legion. I also believe this to be one of the most divisive moments for the fandom. As Russ and the Space Wolves can be depicted as barbarous and feral warriors, in stark contrast to them is his brother Magnus the Red and his legion, the Thousand Sons.

The pair were obsessed with the pursuit of knowledge and used psychic powers to devastate their foes. Unlike Magnus, Leman Russ despised psychic powers and sorcery for he viewed it as dishonourable in the use of battle. Russ spoke out against Magnus at the Council of Nikaea, a ruling that using psychic abilities illegal throughout all the legions.

Magnus of course, ever defiant in his quest for knowledge, broke the Council of Nikaea’s ruling by trying to warn the Emperor of Horus’ betrayal. Naturally, hubris was Magnus’ downfall, and instead of warning his father ruined the Emperor’s secret contraption, the Webway Project. 

With no other choice the Emperor order Russ to bring Magnus to Terra to answer for his crimes. However, by this time Horus had already turned traitor and positioned himself for the attack. He intercepted the order from the Emperor and switched it from an arrest to a full-scale destruction of Magnus and the Thousand Sons.

As Gandalf would say, the board is set, the pieces are moving. Russ mobilized his legion and attacked the homeworld of the Thousand Sons, Prospero. The fighting was intense and barbaric. Brother fought brother. When bolters ran out of ammunition and close combat blades broke brothers tore at each other with mangled hands.

Eventually, Russ and Magnus the Red met in the final battle. Their exchanged blows echoing throughout all of Prospero as two titans met in combat. Inevitably, Magnus was defeated as Russ lifted his brother and broke his back across his knee. To escape death, Magnus called out to the chaos god Tzeentch and was teleported with some of his Thousand Sons into the Warp. Unfortunately for Russ and the Space Wolves, they would have no other major roles during the Horus Heresy and would not take part during the siege of Terra. 

Should the Wolf King fall to chaos who would claim him? To be honest dear reader, I feel this one is a no brainer as they say. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! (Sorry for yelling). But yes! He would have to follow Khorne.

His martial skill and prowess would make Khorne drool at the mouth as Russ does have a high sense of pride and honour. Additionally, both Leman and Khorne detest sorcery, those who are unwilling to engage in a fair noble combat. Furthermore, the genetic flaw found in Space Wolves, known as the Curse of the Wulfen, which turns the Astartes into a feral, frenzied beast and shadow of one’s self, can be appealing to Khorne as who doesn’t want a wild, vicious and ferocious monster on their side? I can imagine the pair, Khorne and Russ, running together in slow motion in a field of flowers as they skip hand in hand. That is how well these two go together. 

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Lion El’ Jonson


Lion El’Jonson or more commonly known as The Lion was primarch of Dark Angels Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. He was discovered and raised by Sar Luther on the death world Caliban and soon became a Knight of the Order.

Eventually the Emperor came to Caliban, as he did to all of his sons’ homeworlds to inform Lion of his lineage and destiny. It was here that the Jonson augmented his sons and Luther which eventually became Dark Angels and the latter, his second in command.

Now it should be noted dear reader that the fate of Luther and The Lion are intertwined. For as time passed on and the victories and glories of Lion El’Jonson grew, so did the jealously of Luther. The noble man that once raised Jonson now had venom and hatred running through his veins.

However, Luther saw a path to fame and glory and an ambitious man is a dangerous one. On his homeworld of Caliban, Luther discovered a tome that contained secrets to ruinous powers of chaos. Unfortunately he was tempted and slowly and secretly become a champion of chaos.   

It should be noted that The Lion is no slouch in close combat. I dare say that he may be one of the best combatants among all of the primarchs. I would surely put him in the top 5. Perhaps I need to make that an article? But I digress. There was a moment when Leman Russ and Lion El’Jonson fought one another over who defeated an enemy first. For an entire 24 hours the two duelled until the Lion knocked Russ unconscious.

During the Horus Heresy, The Lion was known for the use of his planning and strategic brilliance. Such as when Jonson and a select few of his warriors lead a secret mission on the Forge World of Diamat to secure siege machines for the upcoming battle at Istvaan V.

However, he gave these siege machines to his brother Perturabo, not knowing at the time that the primarch of the Iron Warriors had already turned traitor. Moreover, The Lion has been shown to serve his own ambitions. Such as during the Battle of Perditus where the Iron hands and Death Guard where fighting over an ancient device.

The Lion took the device for himself, and ordered the destruction of the planet. I’m sure the Iron Hands weren’t too happy about that. Once the device was activated it transported him into the Warp, where he and his legion were attacked by daemons. During this battle, he threw the Council of Nikaea’s laws to the wind, and ordered his librarians to engage the warp entities.

I told you he acts on his own accord. At the pinnacle of the battle the greater daemon of Tzeentch known as Fateweaver appeared who tried to convert The Lion to chaos (hint hint nudge nudge). However, Lion El’Jonson replied that loyalty to the Emperor was its own reward and killed sent the foul daemon from whence it came. 

The Lion and the Dark Angels were never able to take part in the siege of Terra. His fleets were never able to get there in time so instead of trying to make it he resorted to attacking homeworlds and bases of the traitor legions. Eventually Jonson decided to make his way back to his home planet of Caliban but upon his arrival, he was attacked by Luther and the Dark Angels who had fallen to chaos who were garrisoned there.

The Lion lead his loyalists to meet his mentor who had now turned traitor. Jonson’s fury was unleashed on all who opposed him. When the two finally met in combat it was monumental in nature but ended in a psychic attack that left The Lion mortally wounded. Realizing what he had done to his primarch, his friend, Luther stopped his assault and fell to his knees. But the chaos gods would not have it.

They unleashed a warp storm that ravished the planet and almost tore it asunder except for the fortress-monastery known as The Rock. When the dust had settled the primarch of the Dark Angels was gone. However, he emerged again and was placed in stasis in a hidden and unreachable chamber deep within The Rock. Here he lays to this day, recovering from his wounds. 

So, where does the honorific Lion El’Jonson belong in the pantheon of the dark gods should he fall? It is my belief dear reader, that he would follow Tzeentch. As we have covered we know that The Lion is a master of planning and strategy. Many times throughout the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy he used his talents for devising plans and carrying them out with great success.

For the architect of fate, these are all qualities that Tzeentch invests in when seeking out a worthy herald or servant. Additionally, The Lion has shown tendencies to deploy his own schemes and plots. Like when he took the ancient device during the Battle of Perditus. To those that serve their own end is to serve the lord of change.

Furthermore, the secrets that are kept amongst the entire legion/chapter itself. It is not widely known amongst the Imperium at large that some of the Dark Angels turned traitor during the Horus Heresy. This is why those that survived, the Fallen, are currently being hunted. It is the biggest kept secret and shame kept by the Dark Angels.

The great conspirator, Tzeentch loves his secrets. Every whisper, every word not spoken is a prayer to the lord of flux. Finally, the proof is in the pudding when Fateweaver himself appeared before The Lion and tried to convert him. Now yes, you may argue that Jonson denied Tzeentch as he was steadfast in his loyalty. But this is a what-if scenario. We know that Tzeentch had set his many eyes on The Lion, to begin with. As the Joker once said all The Lion needed was “a little push” in the right direction, his grim resolve of loyalty needed to be tested. In this scenario, it has and the primarch of the Dark Angels, Lion El’Jonson, falls to prey to Tzeentch. 

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Jaghatai Khan


Now dear reader, I will try to be as impartial and not fanboy as much as I can as I am about to cover one of my favourite primarchs, the Warhawk, the Great Khan, Jaghatai Khan. Jaghatai was the primarch of the White Scars legion during Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

Jaghatai rose to predominance on his homeworld of Chogoris. When the Emperor came to collect the Khan, Jaghatai submitted without question. This was not out of pure loyalty for his father but rather out of philosophical reasoning. He realized the benefits of the Imperium outweighed everything else. I suppose it didn’t help that Horus and the entirety of the Luna Wolves were there too. 

With the Great Khan now under the Emperor’s fold, Jaghatai was in command of the Vth legion. But there wasn’t much of it for the majority of the Vth was scattered amongst the stars. So, the Khan of Khans took it to task like he did on Chogoris and began uniting his legion, one warband at a time.

During this time he began to learn the equipment of the modern age and applied it to the tactics he was accustomed to on the Chogorian plains. When the entire legion had amassed he taught them to engage in “noble pursuits” such as hunting and telling tales of ancient Chogoris. When his legion was trained he finally revealed them to be his White Scars. 

In battles that would follow the White Scars would come to be known for their speed. Where other legions might have lost their momentum, the sons of the Chogorian plains thrived. In every battle that Jaghatai Khan fought, he lead from the front.

Like most warriors from other legions they would follow their gene lord into the battle. But as more and more records of the Great Khan’s exploits reached his sons, they too not only followed the Khan of Khans but competed with him. 

It is for these antics that many outside of the White Scars view them as nomadic barbarians, akin to perhaps the Space Wolves or even the World Eaters. Even Jaghatai himself is often labelled a recluse from his other brothers. None do not know him. But this is what gives the Great Khan the edge.

He much like his own legion, is amongst the keenest and most proficient of all the primarchs. Jaghatai values learning and knowledge, much like Magnus the Red did, but the Great Khan knew his limits. The Warhawk is like the very wind, everywhere and nowhere.

Should you try to catch him in your hand he would disappear only to strike you with a thousand death blows. Perhaps the White Scars are a little untamed at times, I will grant you that, but they do not lack discipline and control. At the same time, Jaghatai valued honesty and courtesy.

These traits many among his brothers did not share. But Jaghatai did not care, as this was his nature. He had few friends, if you would call them that, among his brothers. Horus understood him which I believe the Khan appreciated. Sanguinius and Jaghatai shared a few moments together but the interactions seemed genuine.

However, the one brother that Jaghatai shared the closest bond with was Magnus the Red. For you have to remember dear reader, Magnus was also an outcast, much like the Great Khan. Additionally, the Jaghatai spoke in defence of Magnus, through proxy, at the Council of Nikaea, as the Khan was in support of using psychic powers and librarians. 

During the Horus Heresy, Jaghatai and the White Scars were battling the Orks in the Chondax System. There they had received word that Leman Russ had all but destroyed Prospero and The Thousand Sons. However, the reports that the Great Khan received said that Russ had turned traitor.

Due to a warp storm that emerged there was no way to authenticate the message. During this time he also received conflicting reports from Rogal Dorn, primarch of the Imperial Fists, to return to Terra with Russ to help defend it from the traitors. Additionally messaging hailed in saying that Horus was a traitor, Mars was in revolt, and he was to support the Alpha Legion. So many conflicting reports were coming in at once that the Warhawk had to make sense of them. What was true? What was false? He did not want to be played.

Finally, Horus had given orders to Jaghatai to bring Russ to heel. However, he did not act until he gathered more information. Then, The Wolf King of Fenris, Leman Russ asked for assistance against the Alpha Legion. Jaghatai sympathized with his brother, but once again, until more information could be gathered he would not act rashly.

Eventually they received word again from Dorn, directly from Terra, that Horus had turned traitor and he was needed as fast as possible to defend Terra. It was at this moment that Jaghatai decided he would not be anyone’s servant. Not Horus’, not Dorn’s or the Throneworld’s but his own. He would make his own decision. 

While looking for answers Jaghatai his search brought him to Prospero. There he spoke with the spectre of his favourite brother Magnus and was told about what really happened. Soon after he was confronted by Mortarion, primarch of the Death Guard legion. There the two would fight to an almost stalemate, but with but a flick of the wrist, a single move more, The Warhawk would have been victorious. It was at this moment that Jaghatai Khan decided what side he was on.

The side of his father, the Emperor of Mankind. For several years he would fight the traitor forces on many fronts and even battle daemons such as a Keeper of Secrets. Eventually the Khan of Khan would find his way to Terra and would play a pivotal roll in its defence. When the Horus Heresy had ended Jaghatai fought for decades against the Xenos known as Drukhari. He had been in pursuit of Drukhari Archon when the pair disappeared into a warp gate. Jaghatai has yet to be seen since. 

If Jaghatai Khan turned traitor which chaos god would he follow? It is my belief that the Warhawk would follow the Dark Prince, Slaanesh. Should He Who Thirsts get their dark claws into the Khan of Khans, then I believe a true monster would be unleashed upon the galaxy.

The need and thrill for speed, lightning attacks could open Jaghatai and the White Scars to even more speed and risk. For what is Slaanesh without excess and risk? Also of all the chaos gods, Slaanesh is known for quicksilver assaults. Additionally, Jaghatai, with the likes of Russ and the Lion, is one of the best close combat fighters of all the primarchs.

His fighting style, controlled and calculated yet elegant would draw the attention of the Prince of Pleasure. The Warhawk’s blows would become a symphony of pain, whirlwind of death and Slaanesh would take great pleasure in the delightful agonies of the Great Khan’s foes.

While the White Scars do implore psychic abilities which could lead them to Tzeentch, Slaanesh is also strong in Warp manipulation. Jaghatai is a true hunter of the stars and if he fell to Slaanesh he would hunt down the followers of false Emperor for the Perfect Prince demands it. 

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I hope that you have enjoyed part two of this thought-stimulating experiment into if the loyalist primarchs fell to chaos, which chaos gods would each of them follow. We have covered another three of the Emperor's finest, the Wolf King Leman Russ. The First Lion El'Jonson and The Warhawk Jaghatai Khan.

What are your thoughts on my musings? Do you agree with my assertations or are you of a different opinion? I would love to hear from you. If you are not a Vault member you can click here for a free 7-day trial. Vault members are what drive MiniWarGaming, so consider joining to support us in making even more miniature wargaming videos for you. Till next time dear reader and stay tuned for the finale in part 3. Happy Wargaming! 


- MWG Vito