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Dear wargamer,

How would you like access to even more high quality, super fun MiniWarGaming videos?  

The MiniWarGaming Vault was designed to allow us to provide you with even more fun videos, such as:

  • Thousands more battle reports
  • Entire Narrative Campaigns (on YouTube you can only usually see half of the episodes of each campaign)
  • More behind the scenes
  • 1,200+ Painting Tutorials (for Silver Vault members)
  • All of our Twitch Video on Demand videos (for Silver Vault members)

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It is because of our Vault Members that we survive as a business

I'm going to tell you a secret.  Well, it's not much of a secret.

YouTube ad revenue sucks!

What we make from YouTube barely covers the rent of the building that we occupy!  There is no way we could bring you daily wargaming videos with that type of revenue.

It is only because of our awesome supportive Vault members that we can survive as a business.  Thanks to our thousands of Vault members, millions of YouTube viewers get free content!

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We have been making miniature wargaming videos for over a decade...

We love bringing you thousands of wargaming videos every year, and with your support, we will continue doing so.

Dave and I (Matthew) started this business out of a shared interest in miniature wargaming.  We grew up with it.  As teenagers we played miniature wargames like Battletech and Battlespace, roleplaying games like Advanced Fighting Fantasy, and shared in a love for all things wargaming and roleplaying.

We thought that if we could build a business out of making entertaining videos, we would have our dream job.

And thanks to our Vault members, we have accomplished just that.

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Gain access to a library of over 1,100 painting tutorials (Silver Only)

On staff we have one heck of a painting teacher.  Kris has been with us for almost a full decade, and has produced over a thousand painting tutorials.

These range on subjects from assembly to finishing your model, and includes (but is not limited to):

  • Airbrushing
  • Basecoating
  • Painting Space Marines
  • Drybrushing
  • Highlighting
  • Freehanding like a Pro
  • Lightning
  • Flesh and Faces
  • And TONS more...

If you've ever wanted access to a incredibly comprehensive library of painting tutorials (quite likely the biggest collection on the Internet) then make sure you choose the Silver level of the MiniWarGaming Vault.

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Exclusive Discounts for our Silver Members

One last thing - if you sign up for the Silver level, you'll also get access to an ever changing array of discount coupons to other online stores.

The current list (which is subject to change) includes:

  • Gamemat.eu
  • Thunder Games and Gifts
  • Den of Imagination

Try it out risk-free, with a trial period AND a generous return policy

Hey, we don't want a penny of your money if you don't like the Vault.

Sure, some people become a Vault member just to support us, but most people join because of the ridiculous quantity of high quality entertainment.

But don't take our word for it.  We have two things in place to help you try it out:

  1. A no-cost totally free 7-day trial.
  2. A 30 day full money back guarantee.

First, try it out for free for 7 days.  If you don't like it, cancel within the 7 days and we won't charge you a penny.

Even after the automatic renewal, if you decide in the 30 days following any charge that you don't want your membership, then we will give you a full refund!

That's like a 37 day free trial!  Take that Netflix. ;)

So go ahead and click that button and try it out, and we'll see you on the next page!

Happy wargaming!

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"Vault is full of awesome content that a warhammer fan would love to watch. Great painting tutorials by Kris too! He is one of the best parts about the vault. It's cheap too so i really have been enjoying my vault experience."

Jebu911 from Finland


Wow your friends with your painting skills... (Silver Members Only)

With our daily painting tips and tutorials you will finally be able to hone your painting skills, whether you are a brand new painter, or a seasoned one.

Try out the Vault for free and get more painting tutorials...

"These guys are great! Great videos and always lots of fun to watch. The 'quick tips' are super helpful. Thanks MWG!"

troy95 from United States

Support MiniWarGaming...

We might not have the prettiest of faces, but we love making videos, and that ain't free. We've got to pay our video creators, our rent, our order-monkey Justin to buy all his Chinese food, and for all those other "fun" bills.

Our Vault members make this possible.

Try out the Vault for free and help us make even more videos...

Some Faces

"Although I am not the actual Prime Minister, I still declare that the MiniWarGaming Vault is one of the best values for the money. MiniWarGaming provides entertaining, informative and varied content for many of the most active games to date. With more vault members they can expand to more systems and bring more content!"

Stephen Wallace Harper from Hastings, MN USA


Get over $800 of DVDs / Blu-Rays

Over the years we have amassed quite the collection of painting and terrain DVDs, and you get instant access to all of them (via streaming video and HD Digital Downloads).

Try out the Vault for free and get all our DVDs and Blu-Rays...

Even more testimonials from real Vault members...

"I had been watching MiniWarGamings 40k battlereports for roughly a year before I decided to join The Vault. I liked the videos and the contents that they made, and I felt that I wanted to contribute. As I was running low on battlereports that I hadn't seen, I decided to take the leap.

I was flabbergasted. The amount of contents you get, just for the silver membership, is insane. Countless battlereports, free DVDs, painting tutorials, strategies, post-game videos, the works. I'm pretty sure that I will never get through it all, and I see this as a immensly good thing.

If you like what you see on Youtube and you are thinking about joining, but are afraid to not get value for your money, allow me to stop you right there. If you have only seen the free stuff, you have just seen the tip of the iceberg.

I can heavily recommend anyone considering in joining The Vault. It's a great value for money, awesome content and more time with the people that we love: The MiniWarGaming team. "

Martin Nord from Denmark

"I'm a Vault member because it's amazing. It's amazing because of the extra content you get. It's amazing because it helps support MWG, and help them keep producing content. It's amazing how much MWG is doing for the community.

As someone that was brought into 40k mostly because of MWG videos, this is a great way for me to give back for all the great times I've had due to them peaking my interest long ago."

Brian (NubimusPrime) from Pittsburgh, PA

"Hi all! My name is Anna and I'm currently a Bronze member of the vault and a relative newcomer to the hobby (got into WH40K this July).

The two main personalities on the Vault are Dave - a crazy, speed-talking, wild-eyed follower of the Chaos gods, and Kris, the master painter with the velvety smooth voice (seriously he kinda makes it difficult to paint when he's talking :P).

Dave's battle reports and discussion on armies as well as earlier terrain projects were definitely handy and I can honestly say my painting skills have gone through the roof since I've been watching Kris's videos here in the Vault.

If I had one issue with the vault - which really isn't a complaint - is there is SO much creativity going on here I want to do one of every project and well, I'm a college student with limited time/space/money so that isn't happening.

Other than that y'all, you *NEED* to sign up, I mean it. :)"

Jedigirl from Atlanta, Georgia

"The vault is a painter's best friend. I can paint very nice looking lenses because of the vault and their battle reports entertain me during the long hours of hobbying. I love the MWG vault and would heartily recommend it to anyone!"

Alex from California, United States

"The Vault contains an awesome of collection of videos for just about any one. For people who are looking for something to watch for recreation, the numerous batreps of all kinds are great for entertainment. For me, the real treasure trove is the countless videos on painting, modelling, and converting. I have learned a lot from these videos which have greatly contributed to my enjoyment of the games. I highly recommend joining the vault, as there is always something to learn from or get a good laugh out of. Worth every penny! "

ti9999 from New Jersey, USA

"You should definitely buy the Vault membership. I was two sided about it at one point thinking are all those other videos worth it? The answer is yes!!

Even if you get the Bronze. $3 a month is enough to spare for all the amazing things that you get.

Buy it!! Buy it now!!"

Kaptin Obvious from UK

"Hello MiniWarGamer staff and potential vault members! I rejoined the war gaming community after a hiatus of 20 years. I lured back by a MWG series of WH 40K tutorials on You Tube and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I was particularly pleased with the painting tutorials by Kris M, and enjoyed the various Battle Reports. Which, lead me to want to see what was in the vault. I joined as a silver member and was blow away by the shear number of painting tutorials and DVD's that were available as a silver member. In the past I've joined other walled content sites and immediately regretted it. Not this time, now I'm considering upgrading to Gold."

SC from Florida

"This site is amazing! join and you won't regret it."

Daniel Hsu from Taiwan

"You should join the vault to get to view more painting tutorials and more of the best battle-reports on the internet, as well as to support the amazing people who make them possible."

Anthony Zapata from San Antonio, Texas

"My favourite hobby site, the content i get access to for being a vault member is awesome. From painting tips to batreps, i love all the stuff i get here!
Totally worth it!"

Ken from São Paulo, Brasil

"Hi, I'm Malko888 and I'm a silver vault member of the MWG vault.
I like to support MWG and this is the best way that I can do that.
For my money I get all the painting tutorial videos than I can use and some extra batreps that are usually a little more quirky than the free ones.
Being a MWG Vaultmember is A Good Thing :)"

malko888 from scotland

" The vault is a place of non stop entertainment; entertainment that rapidly changes to what you desire.
There are the videos of every variety, from battle report to WWII background on some piece of tabletop scenery, to drybrushing techniques. But beyond this you can interact with any of the MWG personnel via live shows, make requests, tell them where they screwed up in a battle, throw around ideas or just bury yourself in nonchalant chit chat.

The spark you once felt when beginning down the hobby path will be reignited, that flame kept burning strong.

It certainly does for me. Thanks MWG!"

bigoldfrog from Earth, The Milky Way

"A big thanks for MWG, I am most pleased I have found this site and I am enjoying a wonderful silver membership to the vault.

If anyone whom reads this and is thinking of joining then DO SO! - don't put if off, it truly is great value for very little money and as a certain mini-war-gamer says "you will be loving your life!!"

Being a vault member you are provided with not only 100's of hours of entertainment, but tutorials galore - from tactical play to painting and modelling.

Yet the biggest benefit you will get is unadulterated inspiration. Joining the MWG community will inspire you to make it all your own, from painting to terrain tutorials, from banter-play down your local club and even wanting to film bat-reps to share with your mini-war gaming fellows!

I look forward to seeing you here soon!"

Zetr0 from Norfolk, United Kingdom

"Once...the world of gaming was dark,and without warmth. A desolate plain awash with Internet trolls,and cheesie power gamers.Then a light in the distant north appeared and the weary casual gamers of the cosmos were drawn to it.Within this light there spun a glorious Cube of green and white,held aloft by two brothers in arms.BEHOLD MINIWARGAMING.The people rejoiced and declared that it was good.
Then the Brothers saw that some amount the people wanted a place apart,a place of joy and contentment,where the Brothers could speak directly to the people and be spoken to in turn.Thus was The Miniwargaming Vault was created to meet the people's need,and it was good.Join us my friend,join the Vault and rejoice with us. Life on the Vault side is very good."

Thayvian1 from Oak ridge Tennessee

"I've only been a vault member for a few days, but it's the best money I've ever spent on an online service. The access to the free DVDs alone is worth far more than the yearly subscription and is absolutely filled to the brim with helpful ideas and tools for gamers to get the most out of their miniatures. Literally hundreds of videos compiled into one place that will save me many hours of aggravation. A+, MiniWarGaming. Keep it up!"

Brandon S from Portland, OR

"I have been a Vault member for several years now, and cannot give them enough praises. Since I have joined, the content has increased exponentially and the benefits of being a member has as well. Whether you are looking for battle reports, painting tutorials, reviews or anything tabletop gaming related, these guys cover it, and do it very well.

Cheers guys, keep it up!"

Sarkastik87 from New Brunswick, Canada

"When I discovered MiniWarGaming a few years ago, I had just recently joined the 40K bandwagon. Recently, I joined the Vault because there were so many great videos with tips and tricks that I had never experienced before! I eagerly await the day when I can truly do my miniatures justice by using all these great tutorials techniques!"

Angus Jameson from Ramsey, Minnesota

"The reasons I joined the vault was to get more content and learn more about the complicated games we play. I usually listen/watch while im at work, so its kinda like im playing as well. Which is really awesome because I only get to game once every 2 weeks or so. The vault also helps players up there game on painting which is an nice added bonus for me. I believe other members would enjoy the same."

Chris Langs from Chicago Illinois

"Potential Vault Member,

Kolonel Kraig here with a dispatch from the Bunker in DC ~

First off let me inform you of the type of individuals that are Miniwar Gaming. I have had the honor of meeting Matthew, Dave and the rest of the MiniWar Gaming crew on a weekend gaming marathon at their headquarters located in Welland, Canada. Without a doubt these guys are genuine gamers who truly love the game and the community they support. They welcomed me and my sons as long lost friends and treated us as if they had known us for life. Their website is second to none in regards to battle reports, informational videos, and just outstanding entertainment value as a whole. With that being said, membership in the vault opens up twice the available content as opposed to being a nonmember. The extra insight into the internal happenings of MWG – such as behind the scenes, outtakes, post battle reports, and the making of videos, opens up a wealth of entertainment/knowledge at such a minimal expense. I feel they could even triple the cost and the vault would still be a fantastic value! Combine the entertainment value with the fact that you receive discounts for gaming purchases for the higher memberships and you are able to more than save the cost of membership in a very short time. In short the higher memberships pay for themselves AND you receive double the content from the website.

No brainer here – join today.

Happy Awesome Sauce War Gaming
Kolonel Kraig "

Kolonel Kraig from Washington D.C., U.S.A.

"Awesome battle reports, painting tips and Q&A's. Seriously, these guys awakened the slumbering 40k gamer in me. Each and every one of the miniwargamers have an ability to make their videos fun and exciting to watch. Best regards from Denmark!"

Lasse from Copenhagen, Denmark

"You should join the vault 'couse its awesome. Sure you can go to you tube and watch, but thats just half the fun, in the vault you get to see all videos MWG have done over the years, and not only that, if you choose silver or gold membership,(Gold member myself since i like what they are doing and we should suport the community as good as we can), you get to download the videos and you get free downloadable dvd, its awesome. MWG Wants YOU to join the vault and be part of the awesomeness that is MWG"

Andreas from Boden, Sweden

"I joined for the free painting tutorial DVD and stayed for the awesome-ness. This site has a lot of interesting videos. It's a great deal for the money. The Batreps are really cool and I've learned a lot about Warhammer 40k (a game I've recently picked back up) and other games that are played on a large table. I had so much fun I upgraded my service to Silver. It was the best deal for me. Looking forward to more painting videos, more batreps and more awesome-ness. Thanks guys!"

Jake from Oklahoma - USA

"Its been worth the money for 2 years now. i joined for the tutorials and getting more batreps each week was a welcome bonus. Some weeks there's so much to watch i cant finish everything in the week. The vault is also great for getting to know everyone at MWG. They have posted some awesome behind the scenes videos that are humorous and a nice break from the batreps."

Sketh from US

"Why YOU should join the miniwargaming vault? Well, beside the extra content and the occasional free DvD, the vault is a great place to meet, disscuse and share your part of any tabletop hobby! And don't forget, the more vault members, teh more content on MwG!"

Martin B from sweden

Try out the Vault for free...

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