Sit and Talk with Dave December 16 2016

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Kaptin-Obvious (10 weeks ago): - delete

I notice that in most of your Sit and Talks, people mainly ask you about painting tips, so I hope some of the below mix it up a little for you. (Maybe consider leaving these for the vault, as you don't seem to ever have a sit and vault, so expand these into 30 mins )

1. Do you pull many pranks around the office? And/or are on the receiving end of office pranks?

2. How often (Roughly) do people in the office come to you for advice? Whether it be painting advise, life advise, wise old man wisdom.... (Ya know with you being just over 21 )

3. You've been painting constantly each day for us vault members and its very much appreciated, I know you previously mentioned that some years ago you did take a large break from painting so... Do you ever feel tired on some days of painting? Have you ever got to a point in the day where you've just had to put your brush down and go watch some of the staff batreps now and again?

4. Do you organise the content of your painting tips based on what people suggest or does Matt/Dave come in now and again and give you a specific schedule to work off of? (Like the Legions group of tips and Silver tower)

5. Did you take part in Dave's Rangers movie? And/or assist with any forms of production etc.

6. The rest of the MWG crew (Mainly Steve, Quick and Josh) say that on most nights they're either eating or painting/building (or both) more models ready for further batreps, but I know you don't take part in batreps, so what do you do with your evenings? Sit and enjoy family life or are you a gamer beating all the little kids?

7. GW (Including Forge World) have recently been bringing out quite a lot of new stuff, especially giving Chaos the love they have deseperately needed for quite some time. Has any of the new stuff caught your eye? Anything stood out to you?

8. I know you've mentioned Kingdom of Death models in the past as being quite nice, I've collected a few and certainly haven't been dissappointed in the quality. Have you ever got round to collecting/painting these models, have any favourites from them?

9. Have you had any experience with creating/painting terrain? Have you built/painted any of the terrain in the studio or is that mainly left to Adam?

10.1. What is your favourite Primarch model from the Forge World character series?

10.2. What is your favourite non-primarch model from the Forge World character series?

11. Rogue One will be out by time you read this, have you been to see it? If so what are your thoughts (Without any spoilers) or if you haven't seen it will you go see it?

12. What happens to all the models you complete in tutorials, do you just put them back where you found them and see how long it takes for someone to notice the models changed or are they put aside in a spare box just accumulating?

13. Do you travel much or have you previously travelled a lot? If not, why so? Is so, what were your favourite locations and any special memories?

I hope some of those question "spiced" up your sit and talk a bit

All the best and happy painting,

Kaptin Obvious
orkybenji (10 weeks ago): - delete
Kris, do you do any other painting such as canvas?
RICupover (10 weeks ago): - delete
Dave! Matt, sorta, recently plated a game against a cheesey iron hands list. I think it would be awesome to see series of who would win stye death star Vs death star videos. you could call it fondue for the fondue god, curds for the curds throne.
DanielTMU (10 weeks ago): - delete

Hands down, the "COOLEST" Chaos Kill Team are The 40k Rejects! You said something else, and you need to apologize to the world for your blasphemy.

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FROSTPHENIX (7 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Dave!

I know you have fielded the Khorne Greater Brass scorpion, but what about the other Forge World stuff, like the blood slaughterer of Khorne, the Decimator or the chaos rapier battery? If not, why?

P.S. I love your battle reports, you make me laugh every time, especially the way you react when Quirk kills himself with plasmas!
orkybenji (9 weeks ago): - delete
Kris, what colors do you recommend as a go-to for painting lighter skin (European or Asian) and how about for darker skin(African)?
orkybenji (9 weeks ago): - delete
Kris what light bulb for a painting light do you recommend is best for painting with little or no sunlight.

axis762 (9 weeks ago): - delete

Love the Space Marine Cosplay and I can't wait for future episodes of it.

I believe you mentioned doing quick tips for castings. If you were going to do that, that would be great. If not, perhaps do quick tips on castings?

I know you're busy but, a batrep with your Saim-Hann would be awesome. Perhaps take on one of the guys and a traitor legion or Matt and his nids.

Anyways, love the quick tips.

Prismaform (9 weeks ago): - delete

Firstly, thank you so very much for what you do. I'm always happy to see new Quick Tips, because there's always some gem of technique or approach I can use in my own painting.

I definitely find myself more on the 'detail painter' end of the spectrum. My difficulty is that I find myself spending waaaay too much time on each individual model. As a result, I've got 6 armies, with an average of around 7 fully painted models per army.

For your own personal projects, how do you strike a balance between looking great and not taking a geological epoch to finish? Or not? I'd love to hear your philosophy on the subject.

Thank you very much, sir. Keep being awesome.
CiCa (9 weeks ago): - delete

Christmas @ Miniwargaming?

Is it a thing and to what extent? Who in the office is most and least into the Holiday? Do you decorate etc? Is there a Santa Model somewhere?

Also paint-off with Lee? He said you do a better job but hes faster, them's a fightin' words.

Finally, 2016, how was it for you? Highs?, lows? If you've time get this from everyone in the office. Obviously dosnt have to be work related.
EdMarkle (10 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Kris,

Any chance that you at MWG would run a BFGothic campaign? Thanks for all your painting tips.
Mortemus (10 weeks ago): - delete
Dave, I've never seen you use mutilators....just saying
Ronin the Retriever (10 weeks ago): - delete
@Kris, What do you use for water effects? I am trying to make a muddy base for my Blood Bowl team by layering plastic glue, but sometimes it has a white tint to it, thanks in advance
Kabhaal87 (10 weeks ago): - delete
@Dave, if Steve does not have have the ability to grow to mountainous size and proceed to battle a Kaiju, I will be high disappointed XD
marky9182 (10 weeks ago): - delete
Kris, I recently began painting my own chapter in a sky blue with white trim/details. My first run went okay but I feel my white is lacking a bit. I am not the most detailed painter so avoid doing edge highlights and recess washes where possible as these are beyond my concentration/ level of detailness. Any tips on doing a white with techniques such as all over washes and dry brushing. From the colours you've used to achieve white in other tips I was thinking of an Ulthuan Grey base with an all over shade of Drakenhof Nightshade and then a dry brushing of Praxeti White, is this the right idea? Or any tips from yourself would be much appreciated.

Also I will be starting on a battle of prospero soon and would like to achieve a metallic red for the thousand sons like you did in your tips however I don't have an airbrush. Any tips on how to mix create a metallic red with the citadel range and a brush?

Thanks for your help.

Dy9amixz (10 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Kris What's the best film that came out this year in your opinion? Is there a film you're really looking forward to in 2017?
grrblt (10 weeks ago): - delete
Dave, now that you have all your new Chaos updates you have to give us a big juicy batrep against Tau. At least 2k pts.
stingraybill (10 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Chris. I am working on creating the 2nd and 11th Legions, where they are carrying on an eternasl war against Chaos and take apart the Imperium's corrupt Bureaucracy. For the 11th I want to paint a red skull on the Marines Helmets, where the Skull face is painted over the helmet, rather than ON the helmet. How can I do it?
DanielTMU (10 weeks ago): - delete
Dave, check out an old school board game called, The Omega Virus. The characters have to accumulate actual plastic pieces to add to their "wargear" in order to win. Plus, there's a talking computer virus that calls the players "human scum" You'd love it.
JensonJWQ (10 weeks ago): - delete
@Dave... When will you guys do Necromunda?
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Dave shares his thoughts of the new Games Workshop live stream battle reports and how much it'll impact MiniWarGaming. He also pets Quirk's mohawk and discusses new traitor legions.

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