Food Booms and Busts (RPG) - This is Not a Test Narrative Campaign Ep 3a

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Published on: Oct 12, 2017

Richard and his party experience the ups and downs of surviving the wastes, going through both an abundance of food and lack thereof. What will they be willing to do to survive?

GAME: This is Not a Test

TYPE: Battle Reports


SHOW: This is Not a Test Narrative Campaign

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Special thanks go to:
-Joey, creator of This is Not a Test, for providing us with extra miniatures and some terrain. Buy it at

TTCombat (, for sending us a metric tonne of awesome MDF terrain to use in this campaign.

Syrinscape ( for the awesome RPG sound boards.

GreenLeafTerrain (, for painting a lot of the models (we paid him to do so, but thanks anyways!).

Lee, our painting monkey, for painting a ton of the miniatures as well.

The wrecked vehicles are from
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