Death Guard vs Raven Guard Horus Heresy Battle Report Ep 89

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Published on: Sep 01, 2017

Corvus Corax leads a guerrilla strike against Mortarian's forces upon a snowy landscape. Do the Death Guard have enough endurance to withstand it? Vito comes in with his Raven Guard to play against Luka and his Death Guard in this 3000 point Blood Feud scenario!

GAME: Horus Heresy

TYPE: Battle Reports


SHOW: Horus Heresy Battle Reports

Apologizing for the errors I've made, it was my first attempt at playing 30k, I believe it was still a good game!
A Few errors I've caught:
Leviathan Dreadnought had ceramite plating(and blows up for +d3 str and range).
Furies regrouping on normal LD because of the Legion Astartes rules.
Death Guard being stubborn with Mortarion.
Shadow of the Reaper requiring LD test.

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