Dead Signal - Doom of Eolicanth Ep 1 - Warhammer 40k Narrative Campaign Deathguard vs Space Wolves

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Published on: Feb 20, 2019

The Space Wolves Ravnsvake detachment led by Capt. Bolverk Naglfarson have reached the Antiliar Barbican in the dead silence of a slow burn. The scrapcode infected security systems immediately detected the Space Wolves, alerting the Death Guard Poisoned Chalice detachment already present on the station to the threat. The Space Wolves hope to thwart the Death Guard's corruption of the station, restore its Lance batteries and Void Shields, and turn it to bear against The Locust.

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Narrative Campaigns


ARMIES: Chaos Space Marines, Space Wolves

SHOW: Doom of Eolicanth

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