Alpha Legion vs Solar Auxilia Warhammer 30k Battle Report Ep 31

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jakediewald (11 months ago): - delete
What's with all the unpainted ugliness? Although I guess I can't really complain, at least it's 30k.
Buckled (11 months ago): - delete
Quirk I love your enthusiasm and the fact that you do 30k batreps regularly.

That being said though, for the love of all of us, stop putting your jetbikes into charge range! Their weapons have a 36 inch range, you shouldn't ever have to be that close to your opponent. They're too expensive to get bogged down in close combat where they go from 3 S5 shots to 1 S4 attack. You did the same thing against an Ultramarines dreadnought in a previous batrep. Use their speed and range to your advantage.
Kabhaal87 (11 months ago): - delete
Arnt Cataphractii termies like the Fulimentaris not able to overwatch because of a slow and purposeful?
aterekhov (11 months ago): - delete
Might be wrong but the Lasrifle sections are Str 3 and should be wounding the T5 bikes on 6's?
Arnathos (11 months ago): - delete
11:50 What is up with those barrage weapons?

Page 160 has the rules for them under 7th edition, but they haven't changed from 6th edition(apart from the fact they can hit multiple levels on ruins).

The first mistake was rolling the scatter die and 2d6 for each weapon, instead of only once as per rules for multiple barrage.

The second mistake was mostly not using the direct hits properly, almost every one of them could have been placed in such a way to hit pretty much the entire squad, generating at least twice the hits.

I apologize if this sounds harsh, I just love barrage weapons and multiple barrages with 12+ shots are just completely broken when used right.
jacintorobert (11 months ago): - delete
Good to see more 30k.
Sandtiger (11 months ago): - delete
Time stamp 1:04:20 - Alpharius wipes out a squad, then you forgot about the Consolidation roll. Quirk you might have been able to make that last charge.
Valorcalls1 (11 months ago): - delete
I like the scions as medics thing. Makes them useable in 30k.

Other Comments

undeadnhappy (9 months ago): - delete
nice change of pace with the terminators
Kovlovsky (11 months ago): - delete
Hey! Loved that game! I feel that putting Alpharius on the board at start made a great difference for you Quirk compared to other games. It's refreshing to see some Solar Auxilia action too.

However, as a fellow Alpha Legion player, I would like to give you a few tips Quirk. First of all, don't forget that your jetbikes have each a bolt pistol and a close combat weapon, so they have 2 attacks base and the sergeant has 3. Furthermore, the plasma cannon bike could have overwatched with his bolt pistol. Second, thing, like some other people said, they should be kept at range at all times. They're not really a close combat unit and will do much more damage by being in the backfield. Their speed is more for keeping their distances or grabbing undefended objectives and not for getting close fast.

I also think that, while Dynat is very good, I don't think it's worth it to take it for your saboteur trick when you already have Alpharius. You don't have enough points for two fancy special characters at 2000 pts. Take some kind of minimalist centurion instead. Dynat is best used as the warlord in an orbital strike army or an agressively infiltrating/outflanking one, so that you get inside his deployment zone and use his bonus. Also, when you're facing FnP units, use his thunderhammer. Sure, you would be hit by more attacks, but those who you would have wounded by you would be gone with no save. Also, Alpharius' weapon has the Instant Kill special rule, so you don't have to double the toughness of your opponent with your strength to negate FnP.

Last thing, I think you should start to invest into your tactical squad's sergeants. The AL power dagger is a wonderful thing. Since it's a specialist weapon that only cost 5pts and doesn't replace any weapon when taken, it's a wonderful way to get +1 attack with power fists, chainfists and lightning claws. You would have done better in CC with strong sergeants. Furthermore, don't forget to use Fury of the Legion. There are a few times where you could have done better by standing still and doubling your shots with it.

I hope this will help you getting more clearcut victories in the future! You're getting better and better Quirk, so keep trying and you will soon be gloriously crushing the Hydra's opponents!
bavers (11 months ago): - delete
at about 2150 the terminators firing at the vanquishers should have rerolled as they have tank hunter with 5 models in the squad. Not that it mattered
jackal1994 (11 months ago): - delete
cant you swap models with MWGs if the guests look aweful?
Bertox (11 months ago): - delete
Didn't shoot the 30 las rifles in the last turn. May have got lucky and killed Alpharius to win the game.
Todda (11 months ago): - delete
Those lase riffle units are junk. Even with all those attacks they get dominated by tactical marines. The Quad Mortars are impressive and did about 90% of the damage, taking out 2 squads and 3 Rhinos.

Prefered Enemy is a nasty ability for a single squad, but to have it on the whole army is way OP. Other than that the characters were a waste. More bikes, terminators, or even tactical squads would have been better. I don't know why you moved the bikes up either.
FlipmodeSH (11 months ago): - delete
Good game, maybe skip to results of multiple barrage?

As mentioned elsewhere, you undersold those bikes. If you only thought they had 1 ccw why were they charging?
Obyiscus (11 months ago): - delete
Great game, always good to see the Alpha Legion out. 2 rules errors I caught: 1 the mortars should have fired as one coordinated barrage (ie. roll for scatter once than flip the remaining 11 shots off of that). 2. Alpahrius can't infiltrate (he doesn't have the rule or mutable tactics) this means that in Coils of the Hydra he must either deploy hidden or in a vehicle (because every infantry unit must infiltrate or be deployed in a vehicle).
Defiance (11 months ago): - delete
Its great to see some more 30k. Some very cheeky maneuvering with Alpharius there. I would suggest dropping the Skyhunters and replacing them with either some Outriders or a Legion Heavy Support Squad for combat effectiveness.
kolonelmustard (11 months ago): - delete
Man I realize painting armies can be time consuming/ a drag for some people who just enjoy rolling some dice. But I really wish MWG would start to enforce a bit of a minimum paint standard for their games since all this half finished army stuff really turns me off these games.
jakediewald (11 months ago): - delete
Now that I watched it, shouldn't the jetbikes have been more resilient and had more attacks?

You can tank shock with that rhino, right? Why not tank shock those firemen? At least Quirk's rolling better, when you count preferred enemy.

Quirk, you really need some more deep strike or fast attack, those mortars tore you up and you didn't even engage them all game.
Cogsrow (11 months ago): - delete
Something very wrong with normal mortals beating Astartes in melee combat -_-; Curse this game with not being Lore/Fluff accurate!!
aterekhov (11 months ago): - delete
at around 16 mins in, the jetbikes should have 2 attacks each and 3 on the sergeant because jetbikes have 2 close combat weapons.
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Alpha Legion go to battle against the Solar Auxilia in a 2000 point battle to the death.

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