Alpha Legion vs Mechanicum Horus Herersy Battle Report Ep 61

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Silthiriss (12 weeks ago): - delete
Really Quirk, you're a good guy .... But please ! Try harder !! This is ridiculous.

I'm not even talking about rules here, I'm talking about your tactics, your army list, your plays.

Are you even trying ?

Every game of you I watch (and I watch every game of 30/40k), it's the same.
jakediewald (12 weeks ago): - delete
I don't understand the battles like this where it seems like the lists are so uneven. One side has a ton of armor, anti armor, and artillery. The other side has a single tank for the other side to focus on and a weak fighter flyer. It's like Quirk and Dan just mutually agreed to see how quick Dan could kill Quirk's army.

It's not about wanting competition level lists, it's wanting to watch competitive games with whatever kind of lists MWG and guests want to play with. I have the most fun watching narrative campaigns, but balanced lists of fluff are as much fun as watching a couple net lists.
Barbarossa (12 weeks ago): - delete
Quirk, tiny rules error at 25:32.
You said that the majority Toughness of the Alpharius/Dynat unit was 5 but thats the average Toughness of the unit.
On page 34 of the Warhammer 40,000 rule book under "Multiple Toughness Values" it says that you use the majority Toughness value of a unit, so the most common. If their is a tie for the majority then you use the highest value.

For example, if Alpharius is in a unit of 10 marines then the majority Toughness value is 4 because there are more Toughness 4 models than Toughness 6. But if 9 of the marines die, leaving only Alpharius and a marine, then the majority Toughness is 6 as there is an equal number of Toughness 4 and Toughness 6 models in the unit now, and the highest value is the majority.

I hope this helps and keep up the good work.
Kovlovsky (12 weeks ago): - delete
The board was really cool and it could have made amazing fights against two close combat armies. I imagine fighting on the passage ways that could be really cinematic!

17:01 Contemptors Dreads have a 5+ save against shooting. It could have saved your dreadnought!

I have some suggestions for your AL army Quirk. I know that you want your models to "What's you see is what's you get", but you should really stop taking plasma pistols on your sergeants. They cost the same than plasma guns, but with just one shot at 12 inches that can kill you and they probably won't shoot more than once or twice in a game. Keep your bolt pistols. Really. Do it. Instead, take an AL power dagger on them. It's only 5 pts, doesn't replace a piece of wargear and since it's a specialist weapon, it gives 1 attack to your powerfists, chainfists, lightning claws and paragon blades! It's just mandatory for the Alpha Legion.

Also, don't mix special weapons in your squads. Put 2 meltas or 2 plasma guns, but not 1 of each. When you shoot, you don't want to waste your shots on targets they can't harm. And I'm not sure why you fielded 3 troops if you weren't using a RoW that asks for 3. Always take the minimum. I love boots on the ground, but it won't work at this point level. Take more fire support.

Also, I know that the Saboteur is fluffy and there is this whole shenanigan to be done with Dynat, but have you ever seen him do something really exceptional with his bombs? You're putting a lot points into this and I don't think it has ever paid back its price. You have a tendancy of putting too much faith into dice rolls with very low chances of success and together with your horrible and hilarious lack of luck with dices, it's not good.

If you take Alpharius, don't use an expensive HQ like Dynat with him. Dynat is great in a list with the Orbital Assault RoW, but if you aren't going to maximise the use of his special rule, don't take him. If you don't deep strike or outflank most of your stuff in the opponent's deployment zone, he's not worth it. Take a cheap and useful centurion instead that can be used as a mandatory HQ (the vigilator is more useful than the saboteur and very similar, otherwise there are others like the Siege Breaker). Last thing about HQs, stop deploying Dynat and Alpharius alone. It makes them very vulnerable to enemy fire, especially Dynat who can be instakilled. It never ever worked for you. You're better to put Dynat in a unit, even if it means losing a special weapon. Alpharius can be good in a 20 men tactical squad with additional close combat weapons with an apothecary attached to them. Or you could put him in a terminator squad inside a Spartan Assault Tank. Your special AL terminators are pretty good. Bring the pain!

Also, when facing the Mechanicum, bring high strength weapons with heavy weight of fire such as Autocannons, plasma guns, etc for killing their monstrous creatures. I think you should really make a Tactical Support Squad with plasma or meltaguns. It could fry some mechanicum clunky stuff dead. Also, by example, a Praevian with a Cortex Controller can allow you to bring Ad Mec Thallax Cohorts or Castellax robots. So, in short, you have a lot of things that you can take to improve your firepower. You are needing it.

Try to think outside the box like an Alpha Legion commander would do. This is how you win with the AL. You can cheese yourself out of situations like the Ultramarines do in 30k. You need to outmanoeuver the enemy and bring the pain when it hurts. If you always play the same list, you become predictable and that is the contrary that what the AL do. Ask Matt to buy you new toys. You also disperse your efforts too much and that allows your opponent to destroy you piecemeal. Chose one or two areas where you want to push through and throw everything that way.
Shields679 (12 weeks ago): - delete
couldn't watch it all. To much of a landslide to a Meta List. Tournament list okay .. IN TOURNAMENTS!!! not fun to watch at all.
jackal1994 (12 weeks ago): - delete
majority!! not average
ryan144 (12 weeks ago): - delete
Why don't you hide alpharius in a unit?! That's the best thing about him!!
Redwolf222 (12 weeks ago): - delete
I am not a big fan of the Mechanicum. Every model here seems to have an abundance of special rules, low ap, FnP, invuns, multi wounds, multiple shots, high strength, assault moves etc etc.
I normally wouldn't mind but it didn't seem like quirks army outnumbered the enemy much either.
Kovlovsky (12 weeks ago): - delete
33:29, sorry Quirk, but you fired the other artillery tank. You can only charge the vehicule you have fired on in the shooting phase.
Riddip (12 weeks ago): - delete
Nice looking mechanicum army!

Other Comments

Dabor (12 weeks ago): - delete
Thanks to the commenters who mentioned all of the issue. Saves me the time watching imbalanced games. It's a shame, since sometimes they go off the rails due to luck, and this isn't that... but I hope it'll be taken to heart and improved.

That said, I feel well-balanced (against each other) fluffy lists are arguably more fun than equally well balanced tournament lists against each other, since they involve more variety and cute stuff. But please try to keep stuff fair.

To quote from WHF, Friends don't let friends not take BSBs.
kurtistheword (12 weeks ago): - delete
Post game!
DanielTMU (12 weeks ago): - delete

On Dan's turn 3, he shot Al with his blob unit (no idea what they're called) then he also Ran that unit as well. Can they do both in the same Phase?
Lazarus911 (12 weeks ago): - delete
I notice that just about every time a heavy Support squad is taken, the sergeant is not taking the Heavy Weapon as well, but in the army summary I have not heard anyone say that they opted to take alternate wargear (as the options allow). Is this just a building oversight, or do you guys not like taking full advantage of a full squad of Heavy Weapons?
Templarknight92 (12 weeks ago): - delete
first mech turn shooting phase: contempters have atomatic shielding granting 5+ save against shooting attacks
ChampionLogan (12 weeks ago): - delete
Quirk, I don't understand why you can't re-roll the seize the initiative. Even in the new big red book for Horus Heresy has Alpharius still seize on a 4+ and the rite of war you used, adds 1 to who goes first and re-rolls seize
SomethingAngry (12 weeks ago): - delete
That Mechanicum army was very well done.
Kovlovsky (12 weeks ago): - delete
In my first big comments in the 3rd sentence in the end paragraph, I meant : "You CAN'T cheese your way out of situations like the Ultramarines do" instead. Sorry for the big block of text anyway, but I feel that it could have been useful for Quirk.
MandaloreM (12 weeks ago): - delete
A really bad game.
Barbarossa (12 weeks ago): - delete
@26:28, Dynat has an Iron Halo so he has a 4+ Invulnerable save
IceBruin (12 weeks ago): - delete
Quirk, has that poor Venator of yours ever made its points back?

It's always the first thing that gets shot up!
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