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Hi My name is Peter i'm 13 years old and i have been in to Warhammer since i was 9, and just recently(since 10 months ago) i started getting serious about warhammer.
Enjoy My Channel and Vids!
I collect Ultramarines, 40k orks and i like to sometimes buy random warhammer fantasy mini's to paint for fun

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Metal Tyranid Ravener
Metal Tyranid Ravener
Finally gotten around to painting my ravener, a lot of fun to paint!
WIP Boar Boyz
WIP Boar Boyz
WIP of my boar boyz, still a lot of stuff to fix up on them, but i havent done much warhammer painting cause i have been busy.
New WIP Ultramarines
New WIP Ultramarines
Just bought a pack of space marine tactical squad, Please rate, Comment, AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
new bought minis
new bought mini's
some cool mini's i bought at a Gw auction, i got an old set of warhammer boar boyz and a nid ravener for fun, both bought for really low prices
finished terminator chaplain
finished terminator chaplain
my finished terminator chaplain, tell me what i think of it

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hey, yeah i absolutely loved australia staff there was like awsome and verry nice to!
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sub4pie plz i'm sooper hungry
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ya i didnt notice i had bad lighting untill i put the video all together
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i will try and tell you the release date
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check out my short story!
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i am mostley in to old school punk and some 50s 60s rock n roll,but getting to my ripe old age of 36, if i like a song thats it,i have no shame about it
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no i dont use green stuff,hes a reaper miniature
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thank you
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hansolo it's han solo u can put spaces
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fike m eisai pragmati ellinas? paizeis wh40k pou8ena konta sto marousi?
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i have acount that is wargamer 101 lol