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This is a tournament report for a Steamroller I ran back in September of 2013, as well as a status update on what I've been up to lately.
BATTLE REPORT: Cygnar vs. Protectorate
BATTLE REPORT: Cygnar vs. Protectorate
FULL FACTION CHALLENGE Part 3! 35pt Hardcore Match recorded in Real Time. It's Epic Feora vs. Siege!
BATTLE REPORT: Cygnar vs. Protectorate
BATTLE REPORT: Cygnar vs. Protectorate
The Full Faction Challenge continues as we play at the 25pt level with Jeremiah Kraye vs. Servath Reznik. Tom also uses the Scourge of Heresy which is his first character model to get used in this campaign.
SteamPoweredTVs Five Year Celebration Contest
SteamPoweredTV's Five Year Celebration Contest
Celebrating SteamPoweredTV's Fifth Anniversary with a giveaway contest and the rules are simple. 1. Follow the show on 2. Leave a comment on this video with an tale of "Epic Dice Fail" 3. If you wish to respond with a video you can link to it with your comment here. The winners will receive a SteamPoweredTV Widget for use in the games of Warmachine and Hordes.
Steam Powered Combat s5e4 - Full Faction Challenge Part 1
Steam Powered Combat s5e4 - Full Faction Challenge Part 1
In this installment we begin the FULL FACTION CHALLENGE, and we have the RETURN OF CYGNAR to Steam Powered Combat! Enjoy!

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OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
NEED HELP!!!! Probably gonna do khador. I will have 2 player battlebox to split with my bro and in addition either berserker or heavy jack, though im not sure which. plz giv me ur advice. Which would be a better choice?
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
subbed you
Draigo (Over a year ago):
just subbed
nudnikspilkis (Over a year ago):
woah- i think i just saw you on =3 (from ray william johnson's channel on you tube)! its like probably a few years old, but did you ever get on there?
khani (Over a year ago):
really great work man, you got a sub
nudnikspilkis (Over a year ago):
i just started a protectoragte army. its good to see some warmacine batreps
hansolo (Over a year ago):
very cool thx for the tips may the force be with you.... always
hansolo (Over a year ago):
well you see me and my freind decided to go out and buy battle boxes i going with khador cuz i luv jacks and i luv russians my freind decided to go with cygnar so we played a few games and between the warcaster stryker shutting me down with his pistol and the light warjack that hits my cortex always i lose so i was wondering if you had any tips on combating my foe
hansolo (Over a year ago):
any tips for a blooming khador player plz
will23451- (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub!
warlord212 (Over a year ago):
sub4pie please i'm starving
tinman-xl (Over a year ago):
Yup, that's me!
matteuse (Over a year ago):
hey is this you at the end of =3? If it is thats Awesome!!!
orkboyzzzz (Over a year ago):
I play cryx fun stuff
TheBob (Over a year ago):
Dl you only play Warmachine?
gerard1234 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
danis2005 (Over a year ago):
Warmachine is cool by itself, Mr. Tinman makes other people discover the coolness
shamethemus (Over a year ago):
you make warmachine seem cool
gonids2 (Over a year ago):
thank you
MkNalsheen (Over a year ago):
Love the vids tinmanxl. As always. If I'm ever in SoCal, I'll hit you up. I regularly talk to and play against guys who were at the SoCal Smackdown. Would LOVE to see more videos. Can't wait.
scrapper (Over a year ago):
i wana to play warmachine now
Petoy (Over a year ago):
you have some ok stuff, sub to my channel for ideas