BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... nuff said


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Tau pwn ALL! My army is completely made up of Tau (Huge surprise ;D).

My army so far:


1 Tau Commander in Crisis suit
1 Crisis Suit


3 Stealthsuits


12 Fire warriors

An Image

Merawder is my buddy. Matteuse can go die in a hole.

Subscribing to my own channel was an accident. My sister was distracting me and i clicked the wrong thing.

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Imm0rtalit3y (Over a year ago):
hey man....finally someone else who does tau.....i was starting to think i should switch armies.....but yeah.....go army is small...but im getting
Petoy (Over a year ago):
matteuse (Over a year ago):
i think i put it in your bag
KOOLIO (Over a year ago):
I am almost done painting my HQ. I am at the touch ups stage. I would have him posted, but the base broke off. On his base he looks awesome though cuz i put him in a cool pose! ull see what the pose is soon enough and if anyone has already seen him on the base (namely matteuse and Merawder) NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!
matteuse (Over a year ago):
By the way my name has 1 T in it...
matteuse (Over a year ago):
hmmm...I dont think so!
Kirb-Stomping-for-the-Greater-Good (Over a year ago):
get an HQ, more crisis suits, more fire warriors, a devilfish, and a heavy support choice that has a railgun. Railgauns kick ass against anks.
Merawder (Over a year ago):
Orkses is stompier than tau. taus is little an skinny an orks can bust em' up wiv one 'and behind our backs. When orks come calling, tau leaves bawling
15bwebb (Over a year ago):
wooot more tau players the better 4 THE GREATER GOOD
Kirb-Stomping-for-the-Greater-Good (Over a year ago):
The only way you can have an effective Tau army is if you have meat sheild. AKA kroot.
Kirb-Stomping-for-the-Greater-Good (Over a year ago):
I wish Broadsides could move and shoot at the same time. Then it would be an epic tank killing badass
Exacuter-of-chaos (Over a year ago):
Haha you got that right! lol
KOOLIO (Over a year ago):
Chaos looks cooler than SM. SM is cool I guess, but it's too plain. Chaos has spikes, horns, and skulls atached to EVERYTHING and it surprisingly looks cool instead of overly complicated
KOOLIO (Over a year ago):
I'd like to see you try matteuse!
matteuse (Over a year ago):
Tyson i will destroy you and your lame Tau (in a match of course)
Exacuter-of-chaos (Over a year ago):
hahaha nice u dnt even have an army! The good thing is that ur nt a chaos heratic! bad part is ur a space comi! Good luck with the army i wish u luck! Message me when u get some minis