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Terrain Maker
Made so far:6 and more coming

Space Marines (Raven Guard):
1 Captain (1 C)
1 Dreadnought (1 D)
1 Tactical Squad (10 SMs)
1 Combat Squad (6 SMs)
1 Terminator Squad (5 Ts)
1 Assault Squad (5 AMs)

1 Warboss (1)
1 Nobz Mob (5 Nobz)
3 Deffkoptas (3)
1 Ork Boyz Mob (20 Boyz)

Chaos Space Marines:
(no offense)
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Building Ruin 2
Building Ruin 2
another project. rate, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!
For the Raven Guard out there
For the Raven Guard out there
Just some fun, I got bored and decided to use the power of technology and make this, enjoy! Rate Comment and SUBSCRIBE!
Farm Silo
Farm Silo
A terrain project I threw together, not feeling too well after surgery, sorry! rate, comment and subscribe!
Orky Metal Structure
Orky Metal Structure
Special thanks to Sonicarrow, rate, comment, and subscirbe!
My Apologies
My Apologies
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guner8 (Over a year ago):
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look what I made! (pic to the left)
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u rock
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cool thanks
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sub for sub
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thx for the comment on my vid i will subscribe to you
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thank you for your sub please have a look at my stuff rate and comment tnx