How Would You Like To Learn To Paint Miniatures From A Professional Painter?

Are you tired of not being able to do what others call the "basics"?

Epic Duck Studios and MiniWarGaming have teamed up to bring you our next instructional DVD of the year, Painting Bootcamp, The Basics.

In this DVD (which you can play in your DVD player or on your computer) you will learn the basics behind painting your miniatures, which will finally allow you to take your miniature painting to the next level.

You will learn:

  • How to dry brush (so you can paint your miniatures faster, and they look better!)
  • How to use washes (Mike uses this technique to paint up squads of miniatures in just minutes per miniature)
  • How to highlight (the secret to making your miniatures look spectacular)
  • How to use metallics (so your miniature's armour never looks flat again!)
  • How to paint skin, faces, and eyes (probably one of the hardest technique to master at first, but Mike will show you a trick that will make it way easier)
  • How to paint cloaks with layers (this is great for all sorts of clothing)
  • How to paint a Chaos Space Marine (this video goes through most of the techniques on one miniature, pulling it all together)

Through all of this you will learn the necessary techniques of painting miniatures, which will allow you to finally field miniatures that you are proud of.

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Meet the Author

Mike from Epic Duck Studios

Mike is the owner of Epic Duck Studios, a professional painting studio.

Mike is a professional painter and sculptor, having sculpted a lot of different conversions from skulls to capes to emblems and more.

Mike's experience with painting will help you skip the months it takes to master the simplest applications, allowing you to make your miniatures look even better.

DVD Product Shot

Here is what others have said about the videos on the DVD:

dan_peixoto: "For me, this DVD will fill a gap on the painting miniatures DVD that we have available. Most of painting DVD's focus on "Golden Daemon" painting. This is perfect for the gamer."

FritzePride: "Great Tutorial for anyone, especially people like me who need a lot of help painting."

pueriexdeus: "Great tutorial. I look forward to doing so well."