We Need Your Help...

Dear MiniWarGaming viewer,

This is not an easy letter to write.  I'll just get straight to the point - we need your help and support to continue making videos.

We have been working hard for over 12 years to bring you fun, entertaining, and (we hope) high quality videos all about miniature wargaming.  This is our passion.

We experienced wonderful growth for the first decade, riding the wave that was YouTube as it grew from nothing to the monster it is today.

Our Vault members have ALWAYS been the reason that we could do this as a job.  YouTube revenue has NEVER even come close to covering the most minor of our expenses.

Thanks to our Vault members we have grown, hired more content producers, video editors, managers, customer support, and other staff to help us create even more miniature wargaming videos for you.

However, over the past few years our budget has increasingly shrunk...

I can only guess as to all the reasons, but for the past few years we haven't seen the growth that we need to keep up with our ever increasing expenses, whether it be paying for all the wonderful people we employ, or buying the models and terrain we need to film the best battle reports possible, or to hire painters to paint those models and terrain (there are WAY too many for us to keep up with).

And then the big expense hit...

Our video hosting service increased the cost of our video hosting by almost 1,700%

That's right, the cost that we used to pay in a year is now the cost we pay for each 3 weeks.

To be fair, we use a LOT of bandwidth, so the hosting service we use (Vimeo) was probably losing money with us.  It makes sense that they would want to increase our costs.  It's also within their terms and services that they could choose to do so.

We looked for other options, but they are all even more expensive, or are really bad quality.

So here we are, our budget was already stretched thin, and our expenses went up so high that we are now in trouble.

We are working hard to improve the Vault, but we don't have long...

My goal has always been to create a product that you would want to buy, not because you want to support us, but because you like the product.

However, a lot has changed in 12 years.  When we first started the Vault, the only other streaming service in existence (that we know of) was Netflix.  Now there are a LOT more options, whether it be big names like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or smaller ones like those Patreon accounts you like to support, or all of those Twitch subscriptions you pay $5/month for.

It's become harder and harder to convince people to try out the MiniWarGaming Vault.

If you want us to keep making videos, we need your help today

We have already cut our expenses as much as possible.  If we don't see some changes soon we'll have to reduce our staff, which in turn will reduce how many videos we put out.

We are working hard to come up with new original content that we think you are going to love, but until then, we need your help.

How about a few free shows?

In order to "entice" you to help us, we have a few shows that want to give you for free.

All you have to do is sign up on this page, and you'll get the following shows, even if you decide to cancel your Vault membership.

The shows are:

  • The Shattered Imperium (our latest 40k narrative campaign)
  • Deathwatch Resurrection (a very popular 40k narrative campaign)
  • Spell Hunters (a super fun Age of Sigmar narrative campaign)
  • Apothis Crusade (a massive campaign we did with guests)
  • Dark Heresy: Shadows Beneath (an RPG campaign with a lot of the staff)
  • Ascension of Madness (a zany 40k campaign that was all filmed on a vertical side-scrolling table)

All we ask is that you try it out for free

Everybody gets a 7-day free trial.  If you're skeptical just sign up, try it out, and if you don't like it, you can cancel at any time.  

We even have a 30-day full money back guarantee AFTER you pay.

If you don't like it, we don't want your money.

Of course, we're hoping you decide to stay and support us, and to enjoy all of our future content (and the backlog of thousands of videos too).

Whatever you do, thank you for coming here...

We love our viewers.  We know not everybody can afford a membership.  We appreciate anything that you do to support us, even if it is just watching our free videos.

Happy wargaming!

Matthew (and Dave, and the rest of the MWG crew)