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Random Post Apocalyptic Location Generator (very Alpha)

Version 0.0.1 (updated May 1, 2017)

Location: Small Health Clinic

Description: Gutted and torn, this old clinic was once part of another outdoor mall, but has been looted and ransacked so many times that only the faded lettering tells you what it once was.

Inside, a small reception area still has some chairs and old magazines, depicting a dead world.

Beyond the front room, a perfectly functioning old-fashioned weight scale can be found at the beginning of a hallway, along with a stethoscope that is missing an ear piece, hidden in some old, dusty cabinets.

Down the hallway, three open doors reveal where exam rooms once were, all gutted with nothing useful. A fourth door is still secured by some kind of lock, and appears unforced.

If PC's decide to investigate with Strength test or lock picking:
The interior of the room has a fine layer of dust, but otherwise appears mostly undisturbed. Though many items are missing, enough remain to help treat some medical problems. (Gauze, medicinal alcohol, antibiotics tablets, etc.)

(submitted by Arik Schneider)

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