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Location: Rust Wastes

Description: Desolate and still, all is quiet in this stretch of earth. Sandy plains extend for miles and miles, much further than the eye can see. Small shanty shacks and abandoned vehicles are sprinkled about, falling apart and barren. Littered about the arid desert are rows upon rows of large oil drills, much larger than the buildings, and covered from top to bottom in rust and decay.

Now fallen into states of disrepair, these once active machines that caused a great, glorious cacophony of grinding metal, now lay dormant and silent like the land around it. Though it is not too silent, however. Some say that from sunset until daybreak, one can hear echoes and clanking of metal to metal, or the faint, but piercing whine of a large drill. Maybe all is not it seems in the eerie dark of the wastes?

(Submitted by Jeremy Fox)

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