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" is an excellent resource and gaming community."

"The value I receive for my membership is definitely worth the cost. The videos are very well made and I have learned a lot without having to pay for DVDs I otherwise would not be able to afford."

"Shopping on the online store is very rewarding as I not only receive the discounted price but earn points toward future purchases. On top of that I have never seen any online seller ship as fast and efficiently as miniwargaming will still keeping a very reasonable shipping price."

"I look forward to many years ahead as a loyal miniwargaming customer."

-Skaven Guy, Atlantic Canada

Awesome tutorials!

-Matthew Steele, Halifax Canada

"I was amazed at the miniwargaming vault services when I started. There are always high quality videos to help with painting tips and terrain building tips. I check in every week or so in search of pointers or entertainment, and have yet to be disapointed. Keep up the great work!!"
-Dave G, Vancouver, Canada

EXCLUSIVE MEMBER VIDEOS ROCK AWESOME TUTORIALS! Authors always help if anything isnt clear and help make you a better Miniwargamer!

-Dennis McCollum, BC, Canada

"The benefits of being a Vault member are so many it's overwhelming. The videos are entertaining and educational especially the pre and post battle reports. The free downloadable Vault videos from there DVD's make sure I can watch them anywhere I go for quick tips. You can tell MWG was set-up for gamers by gamers"
-Randy, Las Vegas

"I paid to join the vault a long time ago and I have never thought about stopping my monthly payments to stay in it, it's a great service that has helped me with painting, learning more about the hobby and just helping a group of awesome people who deserve it. I hope to get others to join and watch your stuff so my only thing to say now is, Happy Wargaming!"
-Soraxa, England

"I have been a Vault Member for over a year and a half now, and I have never been more satisfied with the quality and quantity of videos that are in it today. "

"Dave and Matt (as well as their colleagues) produce excellent videos, which have assisted me in my painting, strategy, and can make me laugh hysterically at times."

"Also, I love the free items you get (for the Gold membership)... Overall, I must say that I am very pleased with the current status of the vault and the direction that it is heading."

"I highly recommend at least getting a silver membership (depending on where you live)."

-J, Guelph, ON

"This company is very personable and care about their customers. It is easy to forget that they are a business and not friends when you get to watch the quality videos each day. In my opinion they try very hard to give you value for your money while remaining a viable business.
-Greystoke, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

"MiniWarGaming is my one stop shop for all things 40K. As one who enjoys painting, converting, and building models and terrain, the videos here offer a wealth of ideas and great how-to instructions for anyone. The crew at MiniWarGaming have a passion for this hobby and you can see it when you look at their site or buy items from their store. I only wish I lived closer to their club so I could be a part of such an amazing community."

-Nobz, Fort Myers, FL

"I love the vault, the pre n post game stuff for the batreps adds a lot to them. The painting tutorials are very helpful, and Daves terrain vids makes me want to start making terrain"
-Josh Aho, Wisconsin, USA

"I would recommend the MWG Vault to everyone who plays tabletop games. The tutorials and free DVDs have greatly aided me in improving my painting skills."

"The amount of content you get for your money is truly awe-inspiring, plus, very entertaining. Matt and Dave and all the other MWG team are doing their best to provide us with the most detailled, most comprehensive and most useful information a miniwargamer can buy."

"If you're not a vault-member yet, you should really consider it, cause it's well worth it's money."

-Mike, Grenchen, Switzerland

"The videos are both informative as well as entertaining, you guys obviously love what you are doing and it shows."

-Grumpy Tanker, Winnipeg, MB Canada

"Mini War Gaming's content is very well done, educational to anyone in the hobby, and entertaining to boot. I would recommend anyone interested in the hobby to sample their content, the time spent will not be wasted."
-Stephen, North Carolina, USA

"The Vault has so many neat things, and to top it off they update daily! What more could a war gamer ask for?"
-Gillis, New Brunswick, Canada

"Love the vault content. The battle reports alone are worth the price of admission, and when you add in all the painting and terrain video's there is some serious value there. Just watching Dave's antics is priceless anyway! :-)"
-Mark Hall, Georgia US