Off Camera - Ironjawz vs Ogor Mawtribes Ep 25.5

Off Camera - Ironjawz vs Ogor Mawtribes Ep 25.5

August 15, 2023

Attacker - Ironjawz (representing Destruction)
Defender - Ogor Mawtribes (representing Chaos)
Territory - Molten Pass 


It had been a long time.  Too long for some to wait.  Waiting is a problem for the worshippers of Gorkamorka.  Even though it's often the tactical thing to do, it's boring.  And if there is one thing followers of Gorkamorka can't stand it's being bored.  Gorag the Thundertusk was as bored as he was going to allow himself to be.  Taking a force of ogor gutbusters loyal to him, he chose to set away from the waiting forces of Hamma Throwa and start his own Mawpath through Aqshy.  Whakus-Bonkus, a chief weirdnob of Da Gnashas, realized the ogors had left their post.  Knowing the temperament of Ogors, Whakus realizes they had left on their own.  He also knew he couldn't allow that to happen. 

Whakus-Bonkus rallied a force of Ironjawz to ride out and intercept Gorag and his lumbering army.  Little time was spent trying to convince each other with words, so it devolved into what they all were wanting it to be, a good scrap.  The ogors moved quickly, hitting into the greenskin. line.  Cannons blazing wildly overhead may not have caused damage, but added to the mayhem.  But Ironjawz aren't easily intimidated, and also know how to fight.  The orruk counter charge was devastating.  Whakus-Bonkus dug deep and channeled the wild power of GorkaMorka, calling a Waaugghh.  The Violent Fury of the Ironjawz crashed through the ogors.  Gorag himself, was able to stay out of the Fray at first.  Knowing he was in getting routed, Gorag made a desperate attempt to control combat. 

After seeing his trusted Irongut retinue get polished from the dirt beneath their boots by a Mawkrusha, Gorag and his trusted steed Rocktoe rode forward.  Skewering the greenskin drove wyrm, Gorag thought victory was close at hand.  But he didn't realize the true cunnin of Whakus-Bonkus. Whakus channeled green energy and yanked a glob of green magic goo from his snout and flicked it at Gorag.  Doing so immediately weakened Gorag, making him the perfect prey to the circling Ironjawz.  The ardboyz seeing this, marched in formation to strike.  By the time the Ardboyz had Gorag surrounded, he was just realizing he was nearly alone.  Beaten, tired, and most of all Hungry, Gorag succumbed.  

Whakus-Bonkus was still able to recognize the value of Gorag and his ability to lead the hungry hordes.  So instead of executing the deserter, Whakus brought him chained back to the destruction outpost, which was already beginning to expand.  A great conflict was brewing in the amassed hordes.  And Whakus knew it wouldn't be long befire it overflowed.  


Destruction Victory, The Molten Pass controlled