Ynnari vs Space Wolves Warhammer 40k Battle Report Ep 101

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Goatsplitter (11 months ago): - delete
Umm... yay! The website layout is back. Now crossing my fingers I don't have to go through the log-in every time I want to see vault content

Draad (11 months ago): - delete
I really missed the old website

Mog (11 months ago): - delete
To People commenting on the FAQ,
It says in the description of the video:
`This battle Report has been filmed before Ynnari FAQ.`

NewTruthNeomaxim (11 months ago): - delete
That's a sweet Mononoke Hime shirt. See... someone else is old AND an anime nerd.

Telyon (11 months ago): - delete
Steve, two things were wrong at 42:14. First thing's first, Battle Cannons aren't Barrage, so you'd have to take casualties from the front of the squad.

Secondly the new FAQ clarifies that you can't split "Look out sir" wounds, they always go on the closes and if two are equally far, controlling player decides on which one is closer but that one has to die before wounds can be allocated to a new model.

TheWolfGuard (11 months ago): - delete
The Blackmanes, I can only assume you felt taking Bloodclaws with Flamers in Drop Pods was tailoring against the DE but a couple of units are an auto include for me in my list.

The Blackmanes only works as a cohesive drop so you need Melta, Plasma and Flamers, it can be very frustrating wasting Melta and Plasma fire on infiltrators or units with good cover saves. There are always a couple of good targets for Flamers every game.

MWGsteve (11 months ago): - delete
This was filmed before the FAQ. It's also in the video description.


MarkOfNotch (11 months ago): - delete
Steve, last thing that would be cool to see with the Ynnari would be some Harlequins and Dark Eldar teamed up.

Gotta admit, I don't want to see Craftworld Eldar in Ynnari... scares me just thinking about it...

JBrod16131 (11 months ago): - delete
Doesn't the Blackmane's detachment/formation require a Long Fang pack?

Freeze33 (11 months ago): - delete
u/GlutenFree mentioned it before, you can't bring the Tantalus in the Reborn Warhost. You can't bring any of the ForgeWorld models. I also didn't see anything about it in the FAQ.

Other Comments

si1 (11 months ago): - delete
Steve, for a close combat hq try the following.
Archon with the armour of misery, Jain Zar and the court of the archon.
You now cause -2 leadership in 6" which increases to -4 leadership in combat.
You cause fear.
The enemy is -5 to their weapon skill and initiative.
And Jain Zar's disarming strike in a challenge can remove a dangerous weapon when in a challenge.

jackal1994 (11 months ago): - delete
please play super cheesy vs like TAU!! sorry shouldnt swear

findslo (11 months ago): - delete
Steve - independent characters join and leave squads at the end of the movement phase. A squad can be within 2" of an ic and not have joined it in the shooting phase. The rules only state that "where possible" an ic must be more than 2" further away from a squad it hasn't joined at the end of the movement phase. It says nothing about later on in the turn. You wouldn't say you can't charge the same unit with an ic and a separate squad (as two different charges) in the assault phase as they would then be within 2" of each other in the assault phase?

findslo (11 months ago): - delete
At 12:00 those Dark Eldar jet bikes can't be in unit coherency can they? Didn't think (Dark) Eldar jet bikes were allowed 4" coherency, are they?

Imateria (11 months ago): - delete
You were taking 4+ cover saves at the end there on the Yncarn when the flyer was shooting at it, but last years FAQ changed it so that MC's can't get toe-in-cover anymore and must be 25% obscured just like a vehicle, so there would have been no cover there.

Imateria (11 months ago): - delete
...And never mind I've just seen you correct it. Should wait until the end of the game before commenting!

Imateria (11 months ago): - delete
Steve, at 59:25 you charged into combat with the Yncarn after teleporting across the board, Inevitable Death specifically states you cant charge on the turn you teleport and makes no distinction on whether thats coming onto the board or across the board.

Bluewater1976 (11 months ago): - delete
Left side of the Shirt is Jon Snow, Princess Mononoke and GoT crossover, nice^^

DanielTMU (11 months ago): - delete
@Spokomo: That was FAQed by GW, not an MWG house rule.

@Tassadar003: Reaver have the Skilled Rider Special Rule which states
"A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule automatically passes Dangerous Terrain tests, and receives +1 to its Jink cover saves (other cover saves are unaffected)."-BRB

@GlutenFree: Tantalus can be chosen as a Dedicated Transport for the Court of the Archon Squad.

Wolfheart999 (11 months ago): - delete
Maybe its just me but I would like to see the Ynaari using all the eldar not just dark eldar. I would like to see how everything works not just how it works for DE.

Sargos (11 months ago): - delete
Steve whats your email? I wanna send you iron warriors fluffy army list (csm)

battlekai (11 months ago): - delete
I like how Steve pulled him up for the wolfen being to close to the lord, yet his bikes are nowhere near in coherence first turn

TheWolfGuard (11 months ago): - delete
Advice for the Wyrdstorm, you always want to make sure you have 5 warp charge minimum as that's the sweet spot for me rolling Living Storm on 3+. Personally I usually bring at least 4 Rune Priests so I can have Living Storm where ever I need it on the table.

The RP armed with Helm of Durfast should roll on Tempestas as there are some nice options with ignores cover.

Whatever tactics you decide you have to get Living Storm off each turn as a priority, against DE it's a guaranteed kill and could have really hurt Steve.
You also keep forgetting 6's are an extra 2 hits.

Spokomo (11 months ago): - delete
Do superheavies always have to choose all their targets before firing, or is this a MWG house rule?

Goatsplitter (11 months ago): - delete
40k rules are bloated to Hell, so now let's add 'soul burst' to the mess. Thx GW.

GlutenFree (11 months ago): - delete
Does anyone know how Steve is able to bring a Tantalus into a Reborn Warhost Detachment? I'm looking at the heavy support option in the Fracture of Biel-Tan book and its not there.

MWGsteve (11 months ago): - delete
That wasn't the battle cannon. It was a barrage weapon

ultimentra (11 months ago): - delete
LMAO I love the casual flame on Josh at the end "Yeah you can bring as many Knight Castigators as you want!" XD

ultimentra (11 months ago): - delete
Hey Dan, or whatever the guests name is, your shirt is from Tee Turtle and the reference is Princess Mononoke.

ultimentra (11 months ago): - delete
Steve Batrep? Yup gonna click play.

Ynnari Batrep?! WHY IS MY VIDEO NOT PLAYING YET????!!!!

Thanks Steve love you bro!

Mathioso (11 months ago): - delete
RE Soulbursting from Assault: GW put out an FAQ about a week ago stating that you are allowed to soulburst from assault. They changed the wording on the rule to state that units that are no longer in base-to-base at the end of the assault are able to soul burst during the assault phase. It then goes further into detail regarding what initiative step the second assault takes place at & who can actually attack in that assault.

Tassadar003 (11 months ago): - delete
Do those reaver bikes gain move through cover and assault grenades from something in their formation? Because that was moving into and assaulting into terrain around 54 minutes in. Also a Wolf Lord on a thunderwolf has four wounds, three base and one from their mount. It's wolf guard battle leaders who have two wounds base, and unless I missed a wound from earlier you had the wolf lord die from taking only three wounds.

Mortren (11 months ago): - delete
Steve you need to check the FAQ for this book. The following comes directly from there.

Q: Can a unit that destroys another unit in the Fight sub-phase benefit from Strength from Death? A: Yes, unless the unit has one or more models in base contact with an enemy unit.

Before this FAQ came out you are right but this changes the rule for soul burst to basically base to base. Side note I am writing this while you all are still setting up the game so sorry if you hit this point later.

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Steve plays his Dark Eldar Ynnari vs Ben and the Space Wolves, in a 2500 point Batrep.

This battle Report has been filmed before Ynnari FAQ.

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