The Breakdown Ep 1 Magnus The Red

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MWGJosh (4 months ago): - delete
Why wasn't this series called "Q-Tips"

Dorn Jr (4 months ago): - delete
Love this new show Quirk, was it something you had been thinking of doing before or did it just happen after that viewer email?
Moraca4 (4 months ago): - delete
Im pretty sure he said in a previous video about his brimstone army that he would be willing to give advice like this if you emailed him

verniebince (4 months ago): - delete

I am Dan from the email. Thanks so much for making this video, it was so cool to watch. Although I felt like all the good players would be sitting there cringing at some of my unit choices and omissions haha.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I am really enjoying playing the game in 8th edition.

And I only got back into the hobby since I stumbled across MWG, so thanks for all the content you guys make, it's must see TV for me

unioxe (4 months ago): - delete
Love this content! MORE!

Do we need to send you some power list that we had difficulty to deal?

Yes Magnus is Extremly powerful at +- 50pl/1000pts
I feel bad for my opponent everytime I bring a LordOfWar like Magnus on the table at a low points/pl games, that's why i'm trying to bring it only at 1500 pts

Jelthuzuad (4 months ago): - delete
Cutscene music is a bit loud

Everchosen1992 (4 months ago): - delete
this is very good video series idea just hope it continues

TooLongaBarrel (4 months ago): - delete
I enjoy the format that MWG stays away from doing competitive lists in batreps, but this format of tactical video is great for learning and for listening while at the painting table. Quirk I hope you and the staff can continue this style of content on a regular basis.

Other Comments

bilge rat (4 months ago): - delete
Really interesting, I love going into rules and tactics details. Please make more of these!

MysticJackal (4 months ago): - delete
If the warlord trait gives +1 str and a thunder hammer doubles strength, wouldn't that make him Strength 10?
MWGQuirk (4 months ago): - delete
The +1 is added after the thunder hammer doubles the str. So it's only str 9.
RulebookHeavily (4 months ago): - delete
As per the designer's commentary FAQ the weapon's modifier is added last, so the warlord trait is added before it.
MWGQuirk (4 months ago): - delete
Ah, my mistake. I read the wording as add multiplying and dividing modifiers first then add and subtract any modifiers. So following that logic I thought you would use the multiply from the weapon then add from the warlord trait. I missed the part at the end about adding the weapon profile modifiers afterwards.

SemperSteel (4 months ago): - delete
Quirk, good advice overall, but you did give out an incorrect part at 1:02:43.

Because of the -1 to hit penalty, thunder hammers do not get to generate extra attacks on 6s, unless you get a +1 bonus from some source to cancel out the -1.

Asmodaiz (4 months ago): - delete
Great show, Quirk! Keep it up.

misomiso (4 months ago): - delete
Do you do this for Warmahordes as well?

PLEASE say yes...

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MiniWarGaming's Avatar Author: MiniWarGaming
Added: August 7, 2017
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Quirk gets an email from a viewer asking how can he use his Salamanders list to beat a Chaos Deamons list with Magnus. Quirk looks over the lists to find their strengths and weaknesses.

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