Stormcast Eternals vs Goblin Spider Riders Age of Sigmar Battle Report - War of the Realms Ep 200

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Published on: Dec 12, 2017

The forces of Sigmar descend upon a ruined village that has just been ransacked by a fast moving force of spider riders. The stormast Eternals plan on stopping the goblins in their tracks before they can wrought more destruction. Quirk and Luka play a 2000 point game with the Star Strike scenario. Quirk brings out the Goblin Spider Riders for the first time since the General's Handbook 2017 has come out, and Luka keeps up with the Stormcast Eternals!

GAME: Horus Heresy

TYPE: Battle Reports

PRODUCER: Luka, Quirk

SHOW: War of the Realms

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