Sit and Talk with Steve October 6 2017

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Krothu (9 weeks ago): - delete
What is the best memory you have from the MiniWarGaming history?
And could you take the time to ask all the other staff the same question?

machawk (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt,
I enjoy watching the "This is not a test", are there any other games you are thinking about branching into?
Have you looked into The Batman Miniature Game? It plays much better now that 2nd have come out, and it looks amazing visually.

Also isnt Steves birthday coming up?

SmokeStriker125 (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt, I asked Steve a Battletech question in the last Sit and Talk and he referred me to you.

What are your favorite pieces of lore from the Battletech Universe?

silchasruin (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt

Will Shadespire be replacing AoS every other week? Mostly a member for AoS and with 2 vault battlereports a month I'm starting to wonder if its worth it. But guess you guys decide this stuff considering how many people actually watch the vids.

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hobbit1987 (8 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matthew. After watching the Genestealer Cult vs Space Wolves battle report I have the following question: how did it feel to be Quirk for a game?

PS. Keep up the great work - both Deffwatch and This Is Not a Test campaigns are awesome

Daxie (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt

I have been a vault member for a Long time and love what you are making @ minieargaming.

What I like is your codex/index reviews, the story telling and stop-motions of campaigns, side and talks and reroll. I am not that in to the bat reps. I don't see the play style I have. I like to play infantry heavy AM.
So I get a bit disappointed when you stop a review in the middle, like the course of the wolven. The stop of the reroll. No Index on SW and AM. It is to me one thing that you don't make them for any reason, but another that I only find out later that you have stop, didn't intent to make them or something similar.
Would you please end what projects you have started or alt lest tell us you have stopped it or that it has been postponed. Like you use to with the side and talks, when you was home ill. The reason why is, that we are stile some paying vault members that are sitting and waiting for the next episode.

Ones again! I love what you are making @ miniwargaming, pleas keep it up. Just tell when you can't

luke nukem (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt! Absolutely loving the this is not a test role playing campaign! Dave mentioned the other week that you guys would be getting sponsored to play different games and try them out on the channel. Do you think there will be more campaigns like this one in the future? Also really excited about the bunker move. Really need to get over there and visit you guys. That or hitch a ride to warhammer world on your way up to Nottingham, I've never been before! P.S. happy wargaming!

stickybluetoffee (9 weeks ago): - delete
So what are you and Dave up to in Warhammer World? Are you going for their interview/tactics/battle Tyranid day? (They've suggested a new format for Warhammer Live which will be like that).

brainslosh (9 weeks ago): - delete
First, Hi

Second, Who's Mike?

Lastly, Hows your Family doing?

Keep up the good work. Im excited to see the new rpg narrative battle reports.

stickybluetoffee (9 weeks ago): - delete
Matt, what do you think of the way than in each Codex there are different types of "sub-factions" - different regiments, different forge worlds etc.

What kind of differences would you enjoy seeing from the forthcoming Tyranid codexes? Would it be cool if the Genestealer Cult sub factions in some way matched the Hive fleet the original Patriarch comes from?
stickybluetoffee (9 weeks ago): - delete
Tyranid Codex* singular, sorry.

misomiso (9 weeks ago): - delete
Addendum to the LONG Business question (sorry).

In your video talks you sometimes seem very reluctant to specifically use more resources for editing or for multi camera set ups. How long does it take to edit a BR, and do the BR producers still edit theirs sometimes? And how many camera's / tripods / dollies do you have!

Still best dude!

misomiso (9 weeks ago): - delete
Business question alert. Business question alert!

Mat, have you ever thought of experimenting a bit, and trying to produce some content with higher production quality than your normal videos?

Now I don't mean to say that what you produce is low quality (please don%u2019t down vote me guys!)! But I remember in the past you have said that your audience cares more about the quantity of content than quality (obviously as long as it means a certain standard), and so what you do is concentrate on producing as much content and as many BRs as possible.

But YT and online content has changed since MWG was established. There are now gaming or RPG sessions, shot with say 3-4 cameras, with 3 to 5 peeps as the cast, and edited well, that you can get 10 or so 20 min episodes out of and that get millions of hits on YT (Eg Yogsquest, Node).

Dave made his movie, but in your Business planning have you ever talked about experimenting with changing production strategy? How many man hour resources actually go into creating a normal BR compared to what would be needed for a show with four cast members and a camera man plus editing time?

I know you are always concerned about efficient utilisation of staff, but 'This is not a Test' shows you are experimenting a bit; why not go the whole hog..?

Just a thought. best dude,

Chirst (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Matt,
Why no OWW last weekend...? it%u2019s the only reason I get out of bed Saturday mornings.

TropicThunder (9 weeks ago): - delete

I recently picked up my Astra Militarum codex and really enjoy the fluff and variety it offers. I've long been a fan of Tallarn and feel now's the time to start my army. I do have a general rules question surrounding their special Stratagem, Ambush. It states that you choose up to three Tallarn units to basically set up in Outflank reserve, to be set up at the end of any movement phase. During standard deployment, placing a transport allows you to also declare unit(s) embarked upon it at the same time. If you were to name a Tallarn transport, do you have to name the unit(s) inside as part of the Ambush, or do you only count the transport (assuming all embarked units are also Tallarn)? I'm hearing this is how it works but that doesn't sound right to me.

Nate the big Dawg (9 weeks ago): - delete
Matt, do you even lift bro?

Myelin (9 weeks ago): - delete

Any advice for an aspiring small business owner?

HackmSlash (9 weeks ago): - delete

I really enjoy the amount, diversity, and quality of the videos you guys produce at MWG. I should have signed up for Vault much sooner!
1) Do you believe GW can keep the pace for product releases and sales they have enjoyed this past year? If not, what do they need to do to maintain this pace? (stock ticker GAW.L)
2) Are you really as mean a boss as you appear on some of the videos? #mybossmademe Haha, you are doing a fantastic job with your products however!

KillSlim (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt,

How would you describe your relationship with and knowledge of BattleTech? I know you and Dave have have a historical relationship with the setting, but do you know the setting as well as you do for 40K?

I see that MWG is branching out into games other than just GW stuff, do you think it's feasible for BattleTech coverage by MWG sometime? (Is there enough demand?)

Also, what's your favourite 'Mech from the setting?

Many thanks!

Technosaurus (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt,

I was wondering how explosions work in 8th. I think most guys roll a a Die per unit caught in the explosion, but more recently i think ive seen luka and maybe steve roll one die for the explosion and apply it to all models within range. Any idea which way to do it is 'official'? Maybe i missed it on an FAQ. thanks!
HackmSlash (9 weeks ago): - delete
The rule for vehicle explosions seem to be consistently on the unit's datasheet: "Explodes: If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing the model from the battlefield; on a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 3" suffers D3 mortal wounds."

Michael-albright (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt, hope all is well. I was just wondering if I could get a brief history lesson on Mini wargaming. I just found your guyses videos about 4 months ago and it has really convinced me into starting my own 40K Army. I've watched alote the videos you have made and I'm shocked your able to do this for a living and are so successful at it your even able to expand and make a 40k hotel. So I was hoping you could just give a brief history lesson on who came first how this started and how you progressed to this point? also your favorite part of your job and least favorite part. Thank you and keep up the great work.

CATFEESH666 (9 weeks ago): - delete

greetings! Just a couple questions:

1) You magically morph into a Gamesworkshop employee. Actually, the main person who is in charge of the rules. You are making a current FAQ/chapter approved. What are some of the things you would like to change/edit in the current edition?

2) Recently, everyone has been asked what their favorite pie is, so what would yours be?

MThorn (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Matt,

the Deffwatch Campaign is pretty much all I did hope for but being greedy as fans are wont to be I'd like to ask wheter you intend to continue the 'Beat Matt Batrep' series. I really enjoyed seeing those in 7e since they brought a feeling of personal investment from your side - a more competetive stance if you will. Narrative is awesome, as are the strange and wonderfull lists we get to see but sometimes I just want to see someone fight tooth and nail to snatch away victory.

LeonidLopez (9 weeks ago): - delete
@Matt I'm an Apocalypse fan and I enjoyed those reports of the Apocalypticon that you guys used to organize, do you see any time soon where you'll be hosting again some massive event like this in the future using 8th edition rules?

Chozon1 (9 weeks ago): - delete
Matt! Hello.

Firstly, the This Is Not a Test campaign has been amazing. I would happily pay for content like that, and I'm kinda surprised every time I realize it's free; it's just good stuff. I hope that, as a test, it's been going well. I'd love to keep seeing videos akin to it.

Secondly, what advice can you give as an experienced GM, to a prospective GM? I'm wanting to start up a tabletop RPG and could use some pointers.

For glory and bacon,


TorGeb (9 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt,
I did ask this before, but you didn't come around to answer it (at least not in the free sit and talk, don't know about the vault vid), so here goes again:

I was wondering when would be a good age to introduce your kids to the hobby? My son is 1 1/2 years old, which is obviously too young, but have you given it any thoughts? Have you introduced your kids to the hobby already and did they show any interest?

While I'm at it: Love MWG's content! Keep up the good work! Should I ever fly to Canada from my home in Germany, I'll come by for a Batrep

rhodesks (9 weeks ago): - delete
Matt, why don't you have a special MWG die like Steve, Josh, Dave and Quirk?

Myelin (9 weeks ago): - delete

Obviously MWG is quite the success so you've no need for career advice, but I get the sense you'd be pretty good at marketing. Just a random thought.

In Steve's sit and talk he mentioned that you are somewhat musically talented in that you play the piano as well as the orangutan. How long have you played for?

Blason (9 weeks ago): - delete
Matthew, could you rank your employees by the value they provide to your company? Who brings in the most vault sign ups?


SteelEye (9 weeks ago): - delete
thanks for all the great content MWG produces!
in terms of value for money spent - what do you think is the best box of sector mechanicus terrain? what would be the best way to go in terms of preparation for new necromunda?
also, since Necromunda is making it back,do you think that Gorkamorka has a good chance of a reprint?

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