Sit and Talk with Steve December 22 2017

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buckaroo13 (4 weeks ago): - delete
Matt, Can you guys bring back "Rules you got Wrong" It is very helpful as a learning tool. Thanks!

TheDanishVikingAlex (4 weeks ago): - delete

I forgot to ask in my other post.

Will there be a review video about Chapter Approved?

And when will the first episodes of Blue Collar Heresy be released?

wbfreak54 (4 weeks ago): - delete

I really enjoyed the path to glory hobby series. Is that something you would be interested in participating in? If not why? Other than time.

I love most of what you do and i hope you keep on dancing.

halewynd (4 weeks ago): - delete
hello Matthew, how is your day?

Have you read most to all of Chapter Approved? If so what is your thoughts on the none point change for the T'au suit?
Do you think they are over costed or balanced?
Finally what is your thoughts on Chapter Approved?

Keep up the great work
halewynd (4 weeks ago): - delete
also, when you folks move to the new building, are you still going to that great wing pub that is down the street from current MWG?

stickybluetoffee (4 weeks ago): - delete

What%u2019s been your MWG highlight of 2017? What are you most excited about for MWG in 2018?

Mr Cthulhu (4 weeks ago): - delete
"I'm a fat guy, I love all cookies"

I hear you bro...I hear you

Other Comments

ShadeShadow (2 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt.Hope you are doing well now after the Holidays.

Now to the Question. Is there any chance that we will see an Warhammer fantasy Narrative Campain, I heard the community where MWG is there is only few people that play, and that an all emloyee campain is a huge investment as a fantasy campain is probably something that will generate less then a 40K one, as it is a less popular gaming format. And since you have said that best way of trying to make it happen is to ask for it and get good response so that it shows people wants it so thats what I am doing.

Best of Luck in future warhammer battles.

PS. The Fate of Fayoom is still the best

SaintUther (2 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt Happy new year!
I love MWGs narrative campaigns, especially the ones with custom rules,units, abilities like from the DEFFWATCH campaign. I myself am working on a set of rules for a 40k Gladiator with a friend of mine. My question is do you have any advice for a first time custom rule maker? Would you like to see the rule when they are all done and would you play with them once or twice?

Thanks a lot if you read this Matt, keep up the Amazing work at MWG love watching your stuff and hope to head out there someday to make some bat reps.

salmonc97 (2 weeks ago): - delete
Hello Matt

First, thank you for getting me into the hobby, I started watching MWG on youtube about a month before 8th Edition launched and started painting and playing this fall.

When I did start though I had no idea what basing was so now I have an army all assembled and painted but not based. Is there an easy way to paint a base with the model already on it? Any tips you have would be very appreciated.

Keep up the great work!

anubis45 (2 weeks ago): - delete
hi Matt when did you go to warhammer world and can you remember what day you where on twich with warhammer tv?

Glacerex (3 weeks ago): - delete
to the guy which said about bad rolling and @Matt, dice with indents and rounded corners aren't statistically accurate i've found certain dice that i got from games workshop in the past can end up rolling 1's over 20% of the time only way to get proper average is with dice without pips or rounded corners like what casinos would use.

AdeptusAntonius (3 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Matthew!

With all the new content that MWG has been bringing out lately, I am wondering if you are considering other games still to look at?

In the past MWG had a portion of content devoted to Infinity and I was wondering if you would be looking at doing content for that game again in the futuren

I love all the content that you guys have released lately and am really looking forward to what you guys will be bringing out in 2018.

Cheers and happy wargaming!


KaptainSnikDakka (3 weeks ago): - delete
Dancing Matt Man,

I can't say it enough! Great job on the 'This is Not a Test' campaign! Thanks to you guys, I am now more hooked on it than 40k.

Any more plans in the future involving TNT?

Thanks for being such awesome content producers and don't listen to those negative trolls on the interwebs! Also, never stop dancing!

Chozon1 (3 weeks ago): - delete

Hello and belated Merry Christmas. ^_^

I am the happy owner of a brand new Tyranid army, albeit a very small one; I have the start collecting set (genestealers, Trygon, and a Broodlord) as well as another 15 or so Genestealers and a broodlord that I had from Space Hulk.

Any suggestions on where to go from here, from the viewpoint of wanting a fairly solid small points list? I want some Zoanthroapes (actually, I want everything ), but I feel like I need more bodies, in the vein of Terma/Hormagaunts.

For glory and bacon,


TheCrook88 (3 weeks ago): - delete

What happened to designing the' 3D' boards with Adam from Green Leaf Terrain? Did it not work? Are the gaming matts better?

You're amazing

Serpent1 (3 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt!

My wife is a piano teacher, and as you also are a musician my question is: who is your favourite composer?

(My wife really likes Brahms and Debussy...)

kalenrivers (3 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Matt ? Will the sisters of battle be getting a codex soon, and will there be any plastic min's coming out in 2018? love the channel thanks to everyone

Moky (3 weeks ago): - delete

What is your go-to for relaxing? As a father of 3(4?), and a business owner, I can only imagine little free time you go. You "play and call it work", but do you ever just "play"?

anarchy33 (3 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt,

Just started watching blue collar heresy and it's amazing.
What kinda or things inspire you to write a story for narratives in RPGs and tabletop?

Keep up the awesome work and happy war gaming!

TheCrook88 (3 weeks ago): - delete

What happened to the '3D' gen boards you were doing with Adam from Green Lesf Terrain? Where they too hard to make, maintain? The city one and the sand one you have are very cool, so why did you not make more?

You're amazing

anubis45 (3 weeks ago): - delete
hi matt

question what is basing models and what to do if you aint good at that sort of thing?

idejanovic (4 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt,

Friend I play with recently bought Deathwatch Overkill box set and he is playing Genestealer Cult from the box plus more eight Pure Strain GeneStealers against my Flesh Tearers. We play up to 700 point mostly since both our collections are small.

What would be your recommendation for models he could add to get him to 1000 points? Also what would be your general strategy pointers for playing Genestealer Cult or playing against Genestealer Cult?

Thanks for the great content. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to whole MiniWarGamming crew.

wbfreak54 (4 weeks ago): - delete

With the addition of all the new games being showcased, is there a chance to see some of the old games coming back?

dcrabb (4 weeks ago): - delete
Matthew, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at MWG. Do you see your children getting into mini gaming, Dave seems to have his Nurglings well on the way. Thanks for keeping MWG family friendly. My 12 year old grandson is now into 40K and we would love to come to the bunker some time.

dlust1 (4 weeks ago): - delete
@Matt, In the videos that Dave is working on for the new building he mentioned that there is going to be a storefront and that adam from green leaf terrain are both going to be working out of the same building, any chance of discounts with these businesses for vault members?

BigMikey (4 weeks ago): - delete
matt, fist off merry xmas/happy near years etc etc.

since your trip to GW headquarters can we expect some more colaberation videos from you guys and gw?

also did you learn anything new from your trip in terms of filming??

thanks for all you guys do!

Myelin (4 weeks ago): - delete
@Matthew - What do you think is the future of sponsored content on MWG? Personally, I've really loved the Aetherium coverage and actually bought some myself and have been playing the game because of you all. Frankly, I'd love to keep seeing Aetherium content on your site, but my assumption is that it will go away once the planned content is finished. Any chance we'll see more Aetherium down the road? Or even more general- will sponsored content lead to new shows?

Myelin (4 weeks ago): - delete
Whattup Matthew, my name is Luther Kroger, I'm an activist and Fallen enthusiast. Over the past few weeks I have been in a state of deep despair. In hearing the news that Dark Angels are still trying to outlaw Fallen in the Emperor of Mankind's domain. I am here determined to stop this future atroxity. My first introduction to the Fallen came when the captain of my squad, and water polo team- Boomer Kingsley, asked me to shotgun a tall can of "Loyalist" Dark Angels in front of the whole squad at his end of the campaign bash. His superiors were in Terra at the time so we tore that weekend up. It was like Epic 40k and I was super stoked. My newfound confidence gave me the courage to ask the most popular robe maker in the chapter, Lauren Stockholder, for a new cloth. She rejected me and I had to go with Stacy McMillion, but I didn't care because I was so amped on slaying true heretics (Dark Angels) with my boys. That's what Fallen do.

FrogEyes (4 weeks ago): - delete
Hey Matt, use to watch you guys way back when. For a player who has recently returned to Warhmmer 40k and wishes to defeat my brother at our years old grudge match of Tyranids vs Necrons. For the new edition what would your tips, tactics and things to consider for list building and strategy be to deal with his Necrons? We have played a few games and i have really struggled against his lists and his annoying tesla! Anyways thank you in advance if you answer this and
thank you for all the amazing content and Merry Christmas!

SinCitysOnly (4 weeks ago): - delete

Good <insert correct time of day here>, from Las Vegas! I hope to see you at LVO.

When will we start to see Primaris Marines in the MWG chapter colors?

knalpot (4 weeks ago): - delete
Hi Matt! Happy holidays and things!
I love your interviews with GW. You did a great job with that!
Did you get a chance to ask them about RAI rerolls before modifiers? I cannot believe that they intended not being able to reroll all misses because you have a -1 modifier to hit. Please say it aint so!

Also my hopes and dreams is for you to do maelstrom tau again some day. You make them intetesting to play for dome reason (or make steve play them. I think he could pull off some disgusting stuff with the fish people)

Stay funderfull!

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