Sit and Talk with Quirk June 16 2017

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Dheiti (7 days ago): - delete

How does Sgt Slaughter feel about this new edition, knowing he can throw marines in front of him? Could you ask him for me?

Dorn Jr (7 days ago): - delete
@MWG Dave, Matt has talked in a few episodes about times when he wanted to pack up and close the store but you talked him through it. Has there been times in the past where you wanted to close and someone helped you through that time?

Thanks for what you bring to the hobby, and Happy (almost) 10th MWG Anniversary!

P.S. We need more short commercials like the old green stuff ones from you, maybe include other content producers or regular guests as "satisfied customers". %uD83D%uDE0A

BigMikey (7 days ago): - delete
@dave hey dave hope your day is going well!

cant remmeber which sit and talk it was but i beleive a MWG employee had said that they hid a tau model(s) in your shrine of chaos, did you ever find said model?

thanks for all the amazing content


Shikatsu (7 days ago): - delete
(Pronounced She-Katsu)
@quirk Thanks for the answer and I was more amused by Ork conga line, Warboss needs a party hat.
@MWG dave, What do you think about Death Gaurd not having bikes in their lists?

SomethingAngry (7 days ago): - delete
@Dave, have you done a batrep with Mitch yet? Will you be doing a batrep with Mitch? I ask, because i wonder what such a batrep would be like, with both of your chaotic personalities collide. Possibly a Khorne CSMs vs Ministorum battle?

LukeMrSir (7 days ago): - delete
I noticed in 7th edition helbrutes didn't get a lot of love. Do you think you might field them more often in 8th? If not, why?

Winwookiee (7 days ago): - delete
@Dave, This question has popped up on a few of the previous sit and talks, I'm curious to your answer to it: If you had to drop one of your armies and add a new one, which would you drop/add?

Also, you guys are awesome, keep up the good work

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CiCa (1 days ago): - delete

1) Is there more 8th edition faction focus videos in the works? Ad Mech, T'au, Assassinorum, Sisters, Inquisition, Custodes?

2) Is the website redesign still in the works? The overwhelming ammount of 8th edition coverage (not a complaint) really made me want a playlist function.

3) When MWG is assessing the "value" of content to the company, are downloads weighted differently to views on the site? Do you look at when there is drop off on videos watched? Im curious about the whole process generally.

4) Your perspective on Steves extra battlereports on his new channel?

mouser04 (1 days ago): - delete
Oops that whatsup Dave lol

mouser04 (1 days ago): - delete
What Dave I had some argument amongst the community and also reading debate about disgusting resilience rules for death guards on mortal wounds when both are creating regular wound and mortal wound the special rule says when loses a wound roll a d6 on 5or 6 does not lose a wound

steffan0211 (2 days ago): - delete

How do you feel about blood angel devastator squads taking heavy flamers in 8th...
And on a more personal note have you or Matt been on a mission and if yes where
PS. Don't answer if it's to personal.

Vault member for life

axis762 (2 days ago): - delete

Which is better for each god, the Daemon Prince or the Daemon Prince of Chaos?

FlipmodeSH (3 days ago): - delete

Are you looking forward to 9th edition to see if you can beat Matt's Tyranids? Or are you hopeful that once the codexeses start coming out Chaos will get some better tricks?

Right now Marines and Chaos both seem to lack the colour and flavours that they had got at the end of 7th Edition.

The-Spooky-Dude (3 days ago): - delete

How do you feel about a pure Khorne Daemons list for 8th? Or any pure daemons lists in general? I have seen very few battle reports of fielding just daemons and judging from the rules they seemed not as viable anymore. Thoughts, please? Thanks for much for representing Chaos so well in the miniwargaming crew!

SgtSafety (3 days ago): - delete

When will you guys do another food/banter challenge? I rather enjoyed them, as the banter between everyone was what made them funny. I understand it can't be done every week or every month but feel I haven't seen one in a very long time.

Thanks for all the content!

P.S. can you tell Josh to get to work! He'll understand and you might even remember the letter that was sent to yourself and Matt

Shadowseeker (4 days ago): - delete
Hi Quirk! Progenitus is the name of the dragon in MTG.

Erren (5 days ago): - delete
MWG Dave, it was great meeting you at Origins this weekend. Loved The Rangers: Drustan Chronicles at the show, hopefully you'll win best short (or feature!) film next year.

What if any games or events did you get to do while at the convention? I'd love to hear your report on the con.

Happy Wargaming

MasonOfSkulls (6 days ago): - delete
@MWG Dave. Is the combined Power Level of your Chaos Forces OVER 9000!!!

If anyone can claim this, surely it's you.

xcomman (6 days ago): - delete
@Dave & @Mat

Hi Dave, I just saw that the riptide is not a vehicle in the new edition, unlike every other unit that was classified as a monster and was clearly a walker/vehicle. Are you also tired of tau cheating?

Could I suggest to you and matt to house rule them as vehicles as it should be? Please don't just take my opinion on it, please run a poll in the site or in the facebook group and see what people have to say about it, because for me that was one of the things I hated the most in 7th edition, I play a lot of admech and I HATED haywire not working in things that is should like the riptide and the baby carriers.

I hope you are having fun with the new edition

chainsawkyle (6 days ago): - delete
hey dave so the blood tithe for khorne daemonkin is gone. do you think they will bring it back? or redo it in someway? and what should us khorne daemonkin players do in the meantime?

IuliusC55 (6 days ago): - delete
Dave, Your Awsome. Can we expect some more pranks on Youtube soon. But I have a very Important question. I play Tau, why do you hate them so much? Their not that bad. You should try to play a batrep as them. Love you.
Happy Waaaaarghaming!!!!

SpyneKaos (7 days ago): - delete
@Dave, What advice would you give to a soon to be first time daddy to a little baby girl? Love the content and looking forward to the movie. By the way: take as long as you need man. It's gonna be awesome!! The longer it takes, the better we know it's gonna be. Laterz

GniazdoGryfa (7 days ago): - delete
Dave and MWG Crew this question is to all of you.

English is not my first language, sorry for my butchering it.

Love watching your 40k content on a daily basis, can't wait for next narative.

Is there a posibility to add your list of your army for 40k in the description under videos. There are a few list builders that allow export you list for example!/rosterCreator you can put in on dropbox or imgur and it whould be a nice reference to have when we watch your battle raports.

DrakeSteel (7 days ago): - delete
Dave, what are your thoughts on how Chaos plays and feels in 8th edition? I've seen a lot of people saying that CSM are still not a very good unit and most people still take cultists over marines.

Also what do you think Chaos could receive to give them some kind of equivalent to the new primaris marines? I personally think that Chosen should be given 2 wounds to really showcase that they are the greatest of all the chaos space marines.

Mandelcore (7 days ago): - delete
@Dave, with 8th edition rewriting the universe (rules wise) will we see a return of "Who Would Win"?

Would love to see how all the unique characters fare up against each other in 8th.

none2evil (7 days ago): - delete

Love your Batreps and the banter! I have 3 questions for you. 1)You guys are sponsors for my next GT, NOVA Open, will you be coming? 2) I am thinking of riding my Motorcycle to see you guys for a weekend. Do you allow visitors to use your models to play? 3) "The Mountain" seems to think he is a "Power Gamer" any chance of a Chaos vs Eldar tourney list batrep between you two?

lordhedgwich (7 days ago): - delete
Dave- In your last sit and talk you said you were going to be playing AoS. Why did it take you so long to get into AoS? The Chaos models are glorious I am surprised it took you so long to try AoS!

gageh41 (7 days ago): - delete
Hey hows it going brother? I hope all is well! Are you as excited as i am for the new Chaos Index? i cannot wait for the legion specifics to come out! If you had to choose, what is the one faction thus far that you would not want to face? also have you and matt thought about making a Sit n Talk with 4 or 5 members at a time to kind of give a huge mix of responses between the groups? thank you for all that you do for the community! Stay well and God Bless!!!

PS. oh and may the corrupted gods bless you with chaos gifts!

tbac1 (7 days ago): - delete
Dave! Hope the Gods of chaos are smiling upon you today. Have you heard all upon mortarion on the way soon? And also the whispers of a giant snake primarch (aka fulgrim) in the gathering storm books? If you could pick one traitor and one loyal primarch for Gw to bring back to the table who would they be and why? Ps. Khorne berserkers scare me now, I have nightmares about them.

CATFEESH666 (7 days ago): - delete
Papa Nurgle needs some love and attention from Dave! Will we see more Death Guard in the coming weeks?

How was your trip to Las Vegas when you went? Do you or any of the MWG crew have plans to visit here? (Reason I ask is because I live here and would love you hangout when/if you do)

wbfreak54 (7 days ago): - delete

I was thinking about what brought me to your site, and it was getting into 40K video from like 5 or 6 years ago. I would love for you to do something like that again.

Also, there must be an amazing set of stories on the creation of MWG, have you ever thought of writing it all down and making a book, or having someone else do it?

Lastly, You are my favorite, Banter is the best, and I told Quark last week that you where better than him. Will you let him know this reality?

Hamoclease (7 days ago): - delete
Dave, seems narrative games have had a big impact on you, but how do you feel about the 40k narrative jumping 100 years after Rise of the Primarch? To me it feels like they tied up a lot of cool storylines purely to introduce Primaris Marines (and make players buy them)... Cryptus, Fenris, Cadia, Angel's Blade, all feels for naught?

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