Sit and Talk with Matthew - Feb 17, 2017

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bilge rat (9 months ago): - delete

Do you still giggle every time someone says that word 'castigator'?

petep (9 months ago): - delete
@Lee I have just finished painting my first unit of Tzaangor Skyfires for Age of Sigmar. The models are very nice and incredibly detailed but all that detail took a long time to paint. I would like to add a big block of foot tzaangors to my army but I'm not sure I can face painting 30 of them.

My question then is : even though GW is really pushing the boundaries of the quality of their plastic models do you think that some of the designs have become too detailed and intricate for models that are meant to be rank and file? It's nice for characters or centre piece models but is it needed for the whole army?

Even leaving aside the painting aspect there is the practical issue of transporting and using them on the tabletop when there are so many thin and delicate weapons, tentacles, spikes and tree branches.

MPC2163 (9 months ago): - delete
@ Josh

Can you give us your Imperial Fist painting secrets? I've got 300 or so to paint and haven't been sold on any method yet. Kris has a good one but I'll be 90 before I finish using it...

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adam1floyd3 (8 months ago): - delete
Josh, I've been following on Youtube for a while now and I have been really enjoying seeing you and the whole crew playing Warhammer 40K. How were you first introduced to Warhammer 40k and what first sparked your interest in the game?

daa6 (9 months ago): - delete
Sorry... was seen in model give away... shrine of Chaos... couldn't find on here... just YouTube via TV.

daa6 (9 months ago): - delete
Dave... (for steve) @ 0.43 OR 2.43 in Happy .. #*birthday lol...

jakediewald (9 months ago): - delete
@ Matt:

I've only really started playing at my FLGS the last month or so, but I find I'm enjoying list building as much as anything. With that in mind (my question may be stupid), I have a question for you.

Why don't you ever take fortifications? An Aegis line with a comms relay is only 70 points and the comms relay lets you reroll all reserve rolls. You tend to use so much terrain on the board the Aegis line wouldn't really affect much as far as cover saves go.

grayarmygaming (9 months ago): - delete

Steve has mentioned that he always watches (and enjoys watching) his own batreps. Do you do this as well? If so, what do you think of watching yourself? If not, why not?

grayarmygaming (9 months ago): - delete

What was for you the most memorable guest that visited MWG either for a game or for other business? What would you say it was that made this guest so memorable?

MTempest (9 months ago): - delete
We have heard about Steve's rage with the Eldar Titan, are there any that happened to you that stick out. (if Lee is there same question to him) Thank You

MTempest (9 months ago): - delete
Hi Josh,
An Age of Sigmar question, with Lokhir Fellheart for the Scourge Privateers command ability, if multiple units are within 6" of a model that flees can I roll a die for each to see if an extra model flees. So if 4 units are in 6" then roll 4 die for each model that flees then on 4+ another one flees? The wording does not say choose a unit just if a model in 6 flees roll a die

Chozon1 (9 months ago): - delete

Hi. ^_^ I've heard through either Matt or Steve that if a model get's broken, it often is given to you to fix, which is awesome since I usually just superglue mine and call it 'battle damage'. Regardless, what is the most damage you've ever had to repair on a model, and how did you do it?

Also, what is your favorite cartoon, either from childhood or present?

And if you had the chance to take on a giant spider with a battle ax, would you?

For glory and spider fighting,


Chozon1 (9 months ago): - delete

I heard that MWG is going to Adepticon. Sadly, I will not be. Regardless:

If you are going, are you excited, and what are you looking forward to?

If you aren't going, are you excited about being able to mess with the people who are going by filling their desks with cheese puffs?

Also, how do you feel about deck-building games? Not CCG's, but self contained ones.

For glory and framing someone else for the cheese puffs,


Brogluniel (9 months ago): - delete
Hi Josh!
Gave in some time and got myself a Start collecting box of seraphon as well as the Thunderbeast host box which was on sale... so I have a bunch of big lizards to paint up (will send you pictures when I have gotten a decent number painted up). My question: Being one of the first armies that GW gave an army book when AoS started do you believe we will see them get a rewamp like Stormcast just got? What do you believe that the seraphon would need? Unit types or abilities.

Keep up your great work, you always make me smile.

disfluxx (9 months ago): - delete
@Josh. Do you still plan on getting a full Deathwatch army on the table? Or are you Deathwatch'd out after the narrative campaign?

@Lee. If you created your own space marine chapter, what color scheme would you use?

gshergill (9 months ago): - delete
Hi Lee,
I have a question around painting/modelling please. I've been looking around for some videos to model a scorpion (Metal Tomb King Scorpion) bursting out of the ground, but having trouble finding help on how to go about it (both the modelling the effect and painting it to look realistic). Have you done something like this before?
I've asked this to Kris and he passed on his thoughts on doing it and the challenges it poses (such as having things suspended in air), so maybe cracking out of the ground would look better?
Thanks as always, keep up the awesomeness (Josh too of course!)

ABF36 (9 months ago): - delete
@Lee: Have you ever... when was the last time you beat someone with part of their own body eg made Quirk punch himself?

ABF36 (9 months ago): - delete
@Josh: I know it was a while ago now but when you shaved the beard did you have a funeral for it involving the traditional burning pyre? Also, do you ever still wake up at night thinking it's strangling you, like phantom limb?

Yolair (9 months ago): - delete
David Beverly Quirk, are you ever going to finish your Harlequin Wraithknight? Would love to see that on the table as I am an Aeldari player. Love the WHAAG (however you spell it) and the videos.

zekatar (9 months ago): - delete

How do you manage to keep your miniatures half way free from dust, as they are just standing around in the open?

99arcturus (9 months ago): - delete
Referring to my earlier comment
imagine the master of Ultramar sanding with made a few other primarchs and made some ynnari looking over a star map of the galaxy and him saying it begins anew
That would be epic

99arcturus (9 months ago): - delete
Josh have you read the gathering storm?

If so would you like It to end with the second siege of terra with another very slim imperium/ynnari victory but with the imperium in runes so the surviving primarch leading a second grate crusade with ynnead and the god emperor fight the chaos gods in the warp

Wolfheart999 (9 months ago): - delete

What are your thoughts on Seraphon? I am looking into starting AoS and like the idea of lizards on dinosaurs. Also any idea of a good starting build for them?

stickybluetoffee (9 months ago): - delete
Hi Josh

How does it feel when your boss says you have a forgettable face in a Sit and a Talk?

More serious question - you've mentioned in a previous video that you're having lots of fun with AoS and implied you were not enjoying 40k as much. I'm in a similar place. Why do you think this is (the rules, the bloat, pre-new edition blues, something else) and what would it take from a new edition of 40k to reinvigorate your interest in 40k?

Chirst (9 months ago): - delete

Can you please grow an epic mustache and throw it up into some handlebars for some batreps?? You'd look like Rollie Fingers gamer cousin!!

Cheers brother!

James2016 (9 months ago): - delete
I am fan of the narrative campaigns and really enjoyed the latest deathwatch story.
Would you consider creating a narrative campaign for Age of Sigmar?

gageh41 (9 months ago): - delete
josh have you been able to get a batrep with bellisarius yet? if so how BAMF was he?

Rukai (9 months ago): - delete
really enjoy the content and I've been a vault memeber now for about 2 years, i'm rather curious about whether you guys plan to produce more content on other 40k armies such as Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard as you really dont see much of them anywhere

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