Sit and Talk with Kris, February 9, 2018

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Mr Cthulhu (7 days ago): - delete

I asked this of Luka, and wanted you to weigh in as well. What would be your guys interest in playing a large apocalypse sized Fantasy game, say against 10,000 points of Dwarfs?

Something I didn't mention to Luka was I don't really own a lot of warmachines, max 3 cannons, 3 Organ Guns, etc. so it wouldn't be an extremely boring shootout.

How would you guys handle filming a game of fantasy that size?

Do you think one of the content producers would play, or maybe a team of 2 or 3?

Keep being awesome, love your stuff, and remember, butter not margarine!

grayarmygaming (7 days ago): - delete

Would you be willing to gather together samples of the various custom dice that each of the content producers uses and give us a close-up look at them?

Which design do you like best? Why?

Which design do you like least? Why?


KaptainSnikDakka (9 days ago): - delete
Steve... Or is it Carrie?...

What was one of the most memorable 40k battles you recall playing (on of off camera)? Also what was the worst?

Happy Birthday man! Now go party with Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha!
KaptainSnikDakka (9 days ago): - delete
on or off camera*

idejanovic (10 days ago): - delete

Hi Steve,

First of I wanted to thank you for all the great quality battle reports you have been making. MiniWarGaming really has an outstanding crew.

I saw you started an Ork army recently. How is that going? I bought an Ork army and will expand it once I get my Flesh Tearers to a decent state model wise. What are your impressions regarding Orks, models and strategy wise, in 8th edition. How would you recommend somebody to build a list and play them?

Thank a lot and keep up the good work.

CATFEESH666 (10 days ago): - delete
Steve, what does your typical day at the office consist of?
Also, how has running your own channel and working MWG been? Great stuff, keep up the good work!

SupremeBravado (10 days ago): - delete
@First of all, mad props for the syringe thing, not gonna say anything more to avoid spoilers.

Few questions.

Would you ever consider playing in a tournament, Quirk seems to be into the whole shebang, and the mountain I know can cheese way harder than brimstone spam.

What happened to Dark Age, on both channels?

Any chance of a Baldurs Gate 2 play thru?

Shame you arent doing the new DW campaign.
SupremeBravado (10 days ago): - delete

PS A way to edit comments is needed.

Jimmy Buffalo (10 days ago): - delete

I%u2019ve looking forward to asking you this....

If you were a pizza....WHAT TYPE OF PIZZA WOULD YOU BE? Thin crust, regular crust or Chicago Deep Dish?

How would you be cut? Pie cut or party cut (that%u2019s the little squares) and lastly what would be on you?

As a follow up what do you think of Dave%u2019s Pizza choice (His toppings were literally everything aka a %u201Cgarbage%u201D pizza here in Chicago). Kris%u2019 choice was Hawaiian (which is amazing) how do you feel about that type of pizza?

I was also wondering if your family ancestry is Italian or Sicilian or something. Promise this question is not relate to pizza

Thanks for answering!
CATFEESH666 (10 days ago): - delete
I love Hawaiian pizza

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SgtSafety (4 days ago): - delete

What is your favourite moment working at miniwargaming?


Plasticmonkey (5 days ago): - delete
Stevie baby how are the orks coming along, have you managed to paint your Kans (you mentioned them in a battle report on your channel) and are you going to run them in a big Kan, Dread, Naut and stompa mob
Plasticmonkey (5 days ago): - delete
Rushed that question a bit, can you explain how you play them, do you think it is a working, what do you think would be your best list. Also what do you want from the new codex, do you believe in the rumours of a major overhaul and the introduction of new models and a prime ork character

marky9182 (5 days ago): - delete

During your last sit and talk I couldn't help but notice there was a unsolved Rubiks cube on your shelf. Can you solve one, if not can anyone in the office. Please for the love of god have yourself or someone solve it before it distracts me for another video, otherwise I may just have to come to Canada to solve it for you.

Happy Wargaming!


drwilliams13 (6 days ago): - delete
Steve: do you consume cannabis?

Myelin (6 days ago): - delete
@Steve- It's pronounced TINEK!

Who do you think is the best roleplayer of the group?

Phoenix98 (6 days ago): - delete

@Steve can we get some insight into how yo made the deathwatch guys ie magnets used kits used maybe etc etc.

Myelin (7 days ago): - delete
@Steve- from one hairy gentlemen to another. I couldn't help but admire your coat, and yet I noticed an odd bald patch sort of on your inner forearm. Could you explain the odd nakedness of this patch of skin?

SomethingAngry (7 days ago): - delete
@Steve: Can you be sure to ALWAYS line up the armies like the other content producers do, prior to do a batrep, and then proceeding to explain your units and show off your armies? You do this about 40% of the time, and the other 60% of the time, i just lose interest in what you are doing.

Also, thank you for the basing tip during the Path of Glory you guys recently did. It was the one where you showed how to super glue your bases to a sheet of corkboard, and then break them out. Its been a HUGE boon to my recent work on my new Khorne Bloodbound army.

MPC2163 (8 days ago): - delete
Steve, will four battalion boxes each of Empire and Bretonnians along with about fifteen random boxes from both factions make a large enough fantasy army? My Tomb Kings started with four battalion boxes too and they seem like a really small force when I compare them to my 500 Imperial Guardsmen. Also I plan to have my human army led by a warhammer wielding general on foot with the antler helmet from a Bretonnian knight box. So Robert Baratheon lives?

Thanks and see you at Adepticon?

Myelin (8 days ago): - delete
@Steve- What's drawn you to Orks in 40k? I don't picture you as an Ork player, but you seem to enjoy it none the less.

What makes a good dwarf castle in fantasy?

I've been working my through the entire Old World Wars catalog, starting with ep 1 and I have to say your battle reports have... coming along way since back then. I don't mean that to poke fun at you- good on you for the improvements.

If you could have any army show up on Old World Wars what would it be?

TristanYounger (8 days ago): - delete
Hey Steve,

With the Custodes release we are finally seeing the Imperium characters from the Gathering Storm being sold individually. Do you think this will eventually lead to the Ynnari characters being sold individually? And if so, do you have any plans on a conversion using the Visarch? That model just seem perfect for conversions.

Also, I'm thinking about using the Mistweaver Saih from AoS as a conversion or counts as for a custom Ynnari themed Shadowseer. What are your thoughts on this?

machawk (8 days ago): - delete

Dave was asked the question %u201Chow would you fire quirk?%u201D And it being that you share an office with him it would be interesting to hear your input on how to fire quirk? And keep in mind, out of a cannon, is a perfectly viable option

And ofcause we don%u2019t want quirk gone, but I am sure you have been thinking about it at some point

MTempest (9 days ago): - delete
Steve, can you please Dab? If unsure what this means ask whoever you think is the hippist and most with it from the office. Thanks

TobyGaunt89 (10 days ago): - delete


This question's for you and Matt/Dave respectively.

Are you guys at MWG planing on doing another 40k 8th Edition campaign series in the near future? Like the "planetary styled" way you guys did back when you filmed the Warzone Apothis series.
It would be fun to see the staff of MWG go at it again; given the fact that all of you now own new armies to bring to the tabletop.

Thank you for your great content and happy wargaming
Mr Cthulhu (7 days ago): - delete
I believe Matt said in the first Deathwatch Apothis video that they were interested in doing something just like this, am excited!

TheCrook88 (10 days ago): - delete

We all love war gaming! Why do you think there is a stigma about it being %u2018nerdy%u2019? Do you think this will ever change?

Do you think that because war gaming has this idea about it, it appeals to certain people or do you think only certain people appeal to it?

Second question: I noticed you are playing orks a lot recently. Quirk used to be the one told carry the torch for them. Do you guys swap in the office or do you try and cover different armies?

dlust1 (10 days ago): - delete
@Kris, you mentioned in your lat sit and talk that there were better ways to torture Dave than by painting enough tau to fill his office. What are these better ways and will you film yourself and any other people you can convince to help you in this endeavour doing this torture? Perhaps building a defy with a rail gun instead of battle cannon, Riptide or Commander head and some tau transfers?
MWGKris (9 days ago): - delete
lol, I'm not mentioning them here as he may catch wind and would prepare for it!...

BigMikey (10 days ago): - delete
steve, it was before xmasi beleive but i recall you asking for assistance on researching some sort of secret project, may i ask what said project was??


A few weeks ago a battle report was released where you played Raven Guard. The list you had was 3 captains, 3 tactical squads, 2 storm eagles, 2 predators, and a close combat Leviathan dreadnought. You did say this was your 30k Raven Guard, but it felt like heresy you didn't include any jump packs in a 40k raven guard army.

So I have two questions: 1 What do you plan on bringing in future Raven Guard lists when you get your army finished, and 2 What draws you to play a certain faction/sub-faction.

For me the lore is the most important thing about an army. I'll read something about an army that gets me excited and then build army that matches the story I just read. And yes I know the Raven Guard have the ability and equipment to fight a conventional slug-fest type war like any other space marine chapter, but the best stories about the raven guard are them fighting an asymmetrical war using stealth and gorilla tactics. Which in my mind and typical raven guard lists means lots of jump infantry, light fast vehicles, and fire support dreadnoughts and devastators instead of heavy gunships and tanks.

Thanks for all the great content and keep up the good work.

NKWulf (10 days ago): - delete
Steve do you have a favorite 40k army and if it isn't Space Wolves why? Also loving the Blue Collar Heresy episodes.

williamcaw (10 days ago): - delete
@Mount Everest have you heard of the super glue and bicarbonate %u201CBaking soda%u201D trick to fill gaps?
williamcaw (10 days ago): - delete
Quotation marks does not want to appear in the comment section below

sirknightofender (10 days ago): - delete
steve we see you desk we see an unsolved Rubik's Cube that looks close can you solve it?

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