Sit and Talk with Josh and Lee September 8, 2017

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tarranga (10 days ago): - delete
Quirk where have the open vaults gone?

Reaper6660 (10 days ago): - delete

Hey Quirk now that you are superstar, mini wargaming,youtube,DJ' does it help you with the lady's at all. Also what do you think of the new sicaran variant with the plasma turret would you get one for your alpha legion?

machawk (10 days ago): - delete
Q-fed The Quirkster!


And what happened to the Q-Tip Videos? (tactics)

we are seeing the trailers for Deffwatch starting to show up. did you have as much fun making that is it looks?
Have Mat been making you paranoid again like in the deathwatch campaigns?

And would you rather be GM'ed by 5 Matt sized Steves or 1 Steve sized Matt?

Mr-Z (10 days ago): - delete
Hey Quirk, master of all that rolls (porly).
At one of your sit and talk you mentioned that right now there are three types of armies: elite, gunline and horde. Which one would you say is the most fun to play with and which is the most easiest to field (as in overall battlefield managment). I'm interested more in the general concept rather than specific race for specific type but if you have one for each of those types then please share them as well. Have fun doing what you do, Mr-Z.

CATFEESH666 (10 days ago): - delete

Between wearing muscle shirts and rolling dice, what other activities outside of war gaming interest you recently?

Also, do you or any of the zany rascals have any plans to come to the Wargaming Con in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2018?
One last thing, we know Cullen's favorite cake, but what is yours?

Other Comments

Yolair (6 days ago): - delete
Quirk, this isn't a question but as many people watch this show I was hopping you could read my comment.

A friend in my local gaming group brought this to my attention. A 12 year old boy, whom loves warhammer and specifically the Space Wolves was recently diagnosed with cancer. A group was started on Facebook to get him some Space Wolf models.

I don't expect you to personally donate, but was hopping that you could read this so people are made aware of this situation.

Thank you.

stickybluetoffee (6 days ago): - delete
So Quirk - two questions -

First - if you could own and ride any mount in either the Mortal Realms or the 41st millennium what would it be? A might dragon, a cobbled together bike with red stripes, a giant snail or something else?

Secondly now that the Beastclaw Raiders have been toned down a bit do you think your Spiderfang Grots could take them on?

none2evil (6 days ago): - delete
@D.Q. Good to see you at the NOVA OPEN. I wish i could have talked to you more but I was busy with the GT as well. I want to take a moment to recognize you as a GREAT 40k player. I see a lot of people who watch the channel and comment on your rules mistakes and dice rolls and think that you are a novice player. That, however, is not the case. Last I saw, on day two, you were 26th...out of 200+ and when i talked to you, you were 2-1. still disappointed you didn't play ORKS! You are a great tourney player and the people who leave bad comments on MWG don't understand how much work you guys put into making the battle reports fun instead of competitive.Here are my questions for the awesome gentleman.

1. what kind of bike do you ride.

2. What kind of bike do you want?

3. if you had unlimited fund to make a new business or career, what would you do?

Athanasios-Thanatos (6 days ago): - delete
@Quirk: Second comment is more of a request. Please bring your Boa to work for either a Sit and Talk, or an Open Vault. I often take my Boa and Ball Python on walks, which ends up in having random people less afraid and liking snakes after actually meeting some.

Athanasios-Thanatos (6 days ago): - delete
@Quirk So it has been brought to our attention from another source within MWG, that SOMEONE indeed has attempted to and succeeded in climbing the mountain. Sadly this is without proof, and thusly we the fans and investors of MWG, demand a demonstration of climbing the mountain and planting a flag upon it's peak (Quirk symbol flag ideally).

I wish you luck in this endevour and should you perish from the Mountain's rage, I claim ownership of all your models... no take backs!

Gasparos (7 days ago): - delete
Quirk will you helpRob to get his armii(he look like the A.M Comando guy)And will you create a Studio room in the new place?!

Justiceinator (7 days ago): - delete
@Q I am relatively new to 40k and going to go to my first tournament playing orks. As I have only played against Astra Militarum before I don't really know how other races match up against orks. Are there any races which I should look out for that are particularly hard to play against and do you have any tips to counter them?

anubis45 (7 days ago): - delete
quirk will Culexus Assassins be able to negate a primarch physic powers?

DanielTMU (8 days ago): - delete
I have noted that you seem to be faring well with 8th edition, much better than in previous editions of 40k. My question is as follows:

How does it feel to roll 2+s?

lang296 (8 days ago): - delete
Yo Quirk
Great work Your batreps are some of the funniest out there. I'm a Long time Utramarines player and love what Roboute does for my army but I have noticed you were the only to use him in a batrep as well as Dave had Mortarian face the Ultramarines and still no Guilliman. Is there a reason why nobody fields this guy??

Froglift (8 days ago): - delete

Also what is the music that plays in almost every single bat rep miniwargming does?

Keep rolling those ones!

TheDanishVikingAlex (8 days ago): - delete
Hey Quirk

Thank you for your awesome content. I have 2 questions.

As a fellow Tzeentch Player I would like ask, if you enjoy playing tzeentch the most in AoS or 40K?

What are your thoughts about 8th edition 40K being more similar to AoS ?
I really feel that with Warhammer Fantasy and 40K there was some huge differences that separated the games. For example rank and file.
Now with AoS and 8th edition 40K the games are more similar.

Happy Wargaming and keep up the good work

boundless08 (9 days ago): - delete
Hey Quirk, can you take your clothes off again?

SomethingAngry (9 days ago): - delete
Dear Quirk,

Has there every been a 40k character that has ridden a pig into war?

If Mortarion could be a tree, what kind of tree would Mortarion be? What about Magnus?

Michael-albright (10 days ago): - delete
Hey guys. I just wanted to know since you guys play so many different types of tabletop games which are your favorite and why and which is your least favorite and why?

anubis45 (10 days ago): - delete
hay Quirk any way to beat Mortarion or is there weapons that ignore saves and invulnerable save as well

captmenes (10 days ago): - delete
Has anyone looked at Kings of War rules? If so, what do you think about them?

Lomacroft (10 days ago): - delete
Hey Q. I asked josh and lee this in their last video but I want to run it past everyone. Do you have any plans to paint up a new necromunda gang for when the new edition comes out? if so what gang?

machawk (10 days ago): - delete
@DBQ, the Bevs
Have you ever looked into Batman Minature Game?
With V2 being on the way the game is getting a remake, and so far it looks great. And what is no to like about a minature game where you can play Batman?

bilge rat (10 days ago): - delete

All of the Augustine's Wreckage videos are now out. I found the campaign really entertaining and got a lot of enjoyment out of it, so thanks a lot to you and the other team members who helped to put this together!

However, I did notice that the gangs that won their first few games were able to go from strength to strength whilst the others seemed unable to catch up and floundered for the most part. Did you feel the same thing? Do you think there could have been more options for struggling players to catch up or was it just that certain gangs were inherently less powerful?

Kang-the-Knight (10 days ago): - delete
@ Quirk: How was the Deffwatch Campaign? You don't have to go into specifics, but how fun was it and what kind of feedback would you give Matt?

BigMikey (10 days ago): - delete
Quirk! With some of the other content producers starting to show interest in producing content featuring non gw games can we expect you to potentiality cover a new game?

broxthemighty (10 days ago): - delete
While watching the video with josh and lee, I am getting jealous of josh's beard. Are you ever jealous or want to grow yours out more? Ever want to rub your face in josh's beard? ;P Also, what do you think about relic spartan tank? Thanks!

woodrowimpy (10 days ago): - delete
Dear Quirk:
Has your dice rolling become so bad that you are willing to sacrifice drinking pleasant tasting beverages for a time to buy Casino dice?

hoemuffin (10 days ago): - delete
Hey Quirk! Wanted to say thanks, your Warmachine videos got me into the hobby. What other mini games do you play besides 40K? I'd love to see some Warmachine stuff, especially with Mark 3 and the theme dump coming soon, but I understand if there aren't enough viewers or interest to justify it.
hoemuffin (10 days ago): - delete
err meant to say Company of Iron, not Mark 3

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