Sit and Talk with Josh and Lee - April 14, 2017

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DaveByrne (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk,

Do you watch the YouTube series "If the Emperor Had A Text to Speech Device" by Bruva Alfabusa? It's probably the most entertaining way to learn about 40K lore. Keep up the good work and never stop rolling 1s!

shamusolarry (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk,
Josh said we should ask you about the sleeping arrangements at Adepticon!

BiasBZB (9 months ago): - delete
@ Quirk (A.K.A. Berverly) Just wondering how people are settling into 30k now that it has been out for a while and what the thoughts are about balance vs 40k. Also will there be another path to glory campaign of you vs Dave either sigmar or 40k because they are awesome and randomising army composition is very entertaining.Keep the good work and do more clown scares on Steve!

xXSernetXx (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk!
with the 8th edition in the horizon, do you think that the assault armies will be more viable that now?, and if so, which armies do you think that would see more benefit from it?

BigMikey (9 months ago): - delete
quirk! great interviews at adepticon! i have 2 questions for you, first - how many people offered you blessings of the dice gods and 2nd, did being across from privateer press and talking to the guys from the booth change your feelings for the game or are you still not as enthused about it as you once were because of the pre measuring?

ado409 (9 months ago): - delete
Quirk! Hi.. Dawn of war 3! Are you going to pick it up? Whats the talk around the office about it? And will you guys cover it?

anarchy33 (9 months ago): - delete
Quirk (AKA The artist formerly known as Beverly). Love watching you roll, makes my bad rolling seem blessed. Now that Fracture of Biel-Tan is out and we have the Ynnari, have you ever considered bringing some Dark Eldar or Craftworld Eldar to games with your Harlequins? If so what would you bring and if not, why not? Keep doing what you do and happy wargaming!

Nonamewight (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk, Josh mentioned that you got some Legion Custodes models. What's the plan for them? Are you building a 30k Talons of the Emperor or are they for 40k?

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Kiwijace (9 months ago): - delete
Hi Quirk, hello from New Zealand.
First of all I love your "came to roll ones" t-shirt. I guess you get asked this a lot but where did you get it from? was it custom for you or can it be ordered from somewhere?

Secondly, I have watched MWG for a while now and have seen no Forge World Titans played. Is this policy or just that no one has brought one in?

axis762 (9 months ago): - delete
Quirk, you are a true champion of Slaanesh. All of those Eldar souls sacrificed to the Devine One is just glorious to watch. May She consume all in Her eternal thirst.

blippityblip (9 months ago): - delete
Quirk, glad to see your dice rolling is getting a little better, notice your using the white dice more, do you think maybe the blue dice were weighted more on the 6 side so rolled more ones? (It's a thing with dice with pips that 1's and 6's roll more or less favourably than the rest of the numbers because of the slight weight difference) I noticed with episode 2a and 2b of return to fayoom your rolls were significantly better than they have been, or do you think it was just a run of awful luck?

If it's just shoddy luck then we all go through it, I myself managed to lose two Devastator squads on the first turn from Ork shooting one game, first squad took 6 wounds from some boyz and then managed to fail all 6 saves and the second squad lost 2 members and then rolled double 6 for morale and ran off the board, didn't even get to use them as I was going second, last game I had against imperial guard my librarian on bike died to overwatch from 3 veterans with lasguns, who then kept my chapter master locked on combat for two turns (when he finally got there), luckily a couple of other units outperformed and I got a narrow victory

blippityblip (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk, can you go bug Rob and get him to show us his iron hands, or better yet get him to show us AND have a 30k battle against them.

Also do you try to hide what armies your going to collect from Matt now that he seems to go and buy whatever you decide your going to collect? Have you thought of telling him your going to collect something just so he goes out and buys it?

Lastly, you like horde armies, why don't you give imperial guard a go? Everyone loves seeing the guard

misomiso (9 months ago): - delete
If you weren't working at MWG what would you be doing?

Before you worked at MWG what did you want to do with your life?

And in the future what are your plans? Do you want to do more film making or more gaming?

thks love the content

AmitA (9 months ago): - delete


AmitA (9 months ago): - delete

You seem to be getting a lot of flak for errors and dice rolling of late. I have thought of a phrase for you

"To err is human; to roll 1's while doing it - is to Quirk"

Kahelekine (9 months ago): - delete
Is Miniwargaming done playing with Necrons? I would like to see a Beat Matt BatRep Necron Living Tomb CAD vs Deathguard...

coolaove (9 months ago): - delete
Will we see more 30k imperial fists on the channel in the future? Preferrably in normal games and not in Zone Mortalis. Love, Orkiver

UnholyPenance (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Qurik! Long time watcher, first time commenting. I have enjoyed all of MiniWarGaming's content, especially your and Dave's videos as there is a lot of humor and energy!
My question is: have you heard of/played the Halo miniuatures games and, if you have, are they enjoyable?
Please keep up the amazing and entertaining work!

Reaper6660 (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk where abouts in canda is MWG located? Would hope to come down this year or next and challenge you to a 30k battle rep when my thousandsons are painted Iam from the Uk also what other 3 legions you would do if you didnt start Alpha legion?

Gianc22 (9 months ago): - delete
Quirk, your thoughts on Return to Fayoom? Cheers

GniazdoGryfa (9 months ago): - delete
Question for Matthew. I wanted to try out a vault but i find i am unable to becose you accept only credit cards and credit card paypal transactions. Is there any chance that will change some time in the near future. I whold gladly give you money but as i dont use credit cards i am unable to.

Absol00t (9 months ago): - delete
Hi Quirk you should definitely have yourself made a Tshirt with lots of dices that rolled a "1" and Steeve's quote : "Only Quirk can do that!"

Monkeygerms (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk! With 8th Edition nearing, what are your hopes for change in the new edition and what do you hope to remain?
What armies would you like to see buffed and what do you hope to see a nerf in?
And how did you upset the dice Gods?
May the dice Gods bless your rolling!

MRCharlesworth (9 months ago): - delete
@Quirk have you ever been tempted to use your Alpha Legion's 'The Rewards of Treason' special rule to bring a legion special unit other than the Ultramarine's Fulmentarus Terminators (e.g. Dark Furies)? Also you use the two Alpha legion specific units so rarely (in fact I cant remember you ever bringing Lernaean Terminators), where is the love?

Tennebrae (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk, have you ever thought about playing Eldar Corsairs? They're an interesting alternative to normal Eldar play styles and have some neat weapon options such as Dissonance weaponry.

SomethingAngry (9 months ago): - delete
Quirk: Is there a 'better metal snake?'

Chozon1 (9 months ago): - delete

Have you looked up the Grimkyn models, and what do you think of them?

Frankly, they scare the pants off of me, but I still want some. XD

Have you checked out Destiny 2? I've already got my copy pre-ordered. Came with a tiny Cayde statue.

Have any Adepticon stories you'd like to share? I really enjoyed the Vault video you and Steve made.

For glory and mozzarella sticks,


robsco26 (9 months ago): - delete
Hey Quirk, iv just started getting into age of sigmar and i love the ironjawz. Can you recommend a start list for my first couple of games (eg) 1000 points, 1500 points and 2000 points

dragon11 (9 months ago): - delete

Since you can't figure out how to answer your emails, I'll ask this question here.

Can you list some of the companies that do different styles of bases? I'm starting to build a new space marine army and want more of a dynamic feel for them in their poses.

Maltiok (9 months ago): - delete
To the Artist formerly Known as Beverly....AKA Cpt Quirk...Aka Mohawk duder.

What is your backbone ultramarine force? I am building my space marine force up and I like to alternate between Salamanders and Ultramines. I get the Salamanders down pretty well but still trying to understand the smurfs.

abpbm (9 months ago): - delete
Quirk.. When are you going to update your 30k armies?

Have you also sort tactical help in order to win more games? Keep it up!

Wizzpete (9 months ago): - delete
Hi Quirk, Love your enthusiastic approach to your games, even after you can't seem to roll above 1s! So what is your favourite army? Have you refound love for Grey Knights or does Alpharius still rock your world? would be nice to know!

Cybalt (9 months ago): - delete
I saw the announcement video that you guys are going to Valhalla. Fantastic! Also, it looks like you're one of the ones going. (even more fantastic!) My brother (who is awesome) is bringing me along to Valhalla this year. We are both building Gorkamorka teams for some scrap finding action! We're planning on putting together a MiniWarGaming style Gorkamorka game for the retreat. Would you (and possibly your Orks of Hazard) like in on the fun? I've already asked Josh, and I'm going to ask Dave too. But feel free to go ahead and spread the word! The more the merrier!

As always, Happy War-Gaming

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