MiniWarGaming Infiltrates Games Workshop

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SwissToby (7 days ago): - delete
"At least he left me with two thin coats." Made my day!!
DanielTMU (6 days ago): - delete
Reminded me of "Life of a Wargamer" and why I signed up for the Vault in the first place.

CedricO (7 days ago): - delete
Duncan, clearly a great guy.
FireworkUK (7 days ago): - delete
I met Duncan just a couple of weeks ago at Warhammer World, genuinely great guy!

Draichnyr-na-Clark (7 days ago): - delete
That was phenomenal!!

awsum58 (8 days ago): - delete
Amazing!!!! Best video ever

SomethingAngry (7 days ago): - delete
This was awesome.

Mattyice79 (7 days ago): - delete
Awesome! Genius I would say.

Other Comments

SAM 602 (3 days ago): - delete
That hurt to watch so much paint getting globed on :o

orkybenji (6 days ago): - delete
this was great!

tyranidfan9 (6 days ago): - delete
I bet that 'Ardcase at the end is where they hide all the plastic Sisters of Battle.
DanielTMU (6 days ago): - delete
Clearly GW has been hiding them since Pulp Fiction then. Lol

Hippypaul (6 days ago): - delete
Totally random and awesome gents!

kdash123 (6 days ago): - delete
Hahaha! As a Brit, this really amused me!

Such a shame i couldn't make it across to meet you guys due to work

Hamoclease (7 days ago): - delete
Unsurprisingly, the 'Sports and Social' board at GW seemed pretty sparse... I guess they have Blood Bowl and Bugmans? *shrugs*

iceyhawkboy (7 days ago): - delete
Duncan's best work

Sklodo (7 days ago): - delete
Hahahahaha. Poor Duncan. I love his painting videos.

nastosa (7 days ago): - delete
Did they let you all leak a new beast of Nurgle model? I think that is what I saw on Duncan's table.

hatedasand (7 days ago): - delete
I love this type of video...keep up the great work

machawk (7 days ago): - delete
didnt i suggest this a few weeks ago? FANTASTIC!

Kaptin-Obvious (7 days ago): - delete
Well done to those who spotted the new model

luethi_81 (7 days ago): - delete
What the actual... Seriously what did I just see o.0 ?

Vrufeov (7 days ago): - delete

Kaptin-Obvious (7 days ago): - delete
With being British I never really thought Duncan had much of an accent but hearing it in the same video as Dave's you can really tell the difference

crandall87 (7 days ago): - delete

Gasparos (8 days ago): - delete
Love it. I hope , you have more like that.

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Warhammer TV's Duncan gets a surprise visit from another YouTuber...

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