Hornheim: An Endtimes story! Warhammer Fantasy Narrative Campaign Ep 15

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Published on: Apr 28, 2018

The final push has come. The forces of the Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Orcs and Goblins, and the Legions of the Dead have all begrudgingly agreed to work together in this final assault upon the inner walls of Middenheim. The brothers Schultz with Balthasar Gelt and Caradryan are leading a force of Humans, Dwarfs, and Elves against Kairos Fateweaver. Kairos, with the help of Harold the Mad have setup a magical barricade to protect the Gatehouse from any outside damage sources. The easiest way to get thr...

GAME: Warhammer Fantasy

TYPE: Narrative Campaigns


SHOW: Hornheim: An Endtimes Story!

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