FINALE Chasing the Truck (Battle Report) - This is Not a Test Narrative Campaign Ep 7b

About This Video

Published on: Nov 09, 2017

Richard and the rest of his party catch up to the truck and deal with its occupants.

GAME: This is Not a Test

TYPE: Narrative Campaigns

PRODUCER: Matthew, Dave

SHOW: This is Not a Test Narrative Campaign

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Special thanks go to:
-Joey, creator of This is Not a Test, for providing us with extra miniatures and some terrain. Buy it at

TTCombat (, for sending us a metric tonne of awesome MDF terrain to use in this campaign.

Syrinscape ( for the awesome RPG sound boards.

GreenLeafTerrain (, for painting a lot of the models (we paid him to do so, but thanks anyways!).

Lee, our painting monkey, for painting a ton of the miniatures as well.

The wrecked vehicles are from
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