Forgeworld Voss Prime, Currently undercontol of Chaos Warband.


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My channel isn't to great but I am trying to upload some content and leave comments. Thanks! Oh yeah also i collect necrons(3000pts.)Renegade IG(8000pts.)and 10,000pts of Red Corsairs!

In the grim Darkness of the 40th millenium S**t happens.

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40k Titans
40k Titans
A short update on my WIP Titans
World Eaters Christmas Army
World Eaters Christmas Army
My first MWG video, showcasing my piecemeal Chaos army.
Scratchbuilt Thunderhawk plus Update
Scratchbuilt Thunderhawk plus Update
My wip Thunderhawk
Update- Warlord
Update- Warlord
Continueing on my project.
Update- Titans
Update- Titans
I said I was building a Warlord titan, here's a update.

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turtlecorps (Over a year ago):
i'm going to make a scratch built thunderhawk too. its a great idea so u dont have to pay $400 for one. keep up the great work!
dingholio (Over a year ago):
thanks for the comment on my drop pod! I wish i was as good as 'Eavy metal, those guys rock!!!
dingholio (Over a year ago):
i'm a pro painter First Comment! If you need anything painted, i do commission work.