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full of orky goodness (or it will be wen me camera is fixed
until then just enjoy the deffkopta as my profile picture

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AOBR space orks
AOBR space orks
a look at the orks you get in the assult on black reach set

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orks-conquer-all (Over a year ago):
artman39 (Over a year ago):
check out my short story!
nidprime6 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
weeham111 (Over a year ago):
hope you like the post, soon be doing step by step on painting the models you get in AOBR yes im gettin another 1
gorork (Over a year ago):
yeah maybe and im gonna post my fully painted klla kanz and a trukk and a weirdboy that i got
weeham111 (Over a year ago):
im an ork playa no vids cause camera is broke, currently waiting on a AOBR set 4 the deffkoptas n reasonable amount of boyz