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Here is my channel I’ve bin into the hobby for about five years and I have a bit of 40k and Lord of the Rings stuff. I started painting them recently and I’m a strong beliver in making things cheap by making it yourself. I also have a steam account I play alot of TF2 and recently Left 4 Dead 2 so you can contact me about that if you play those games.
my youtube channel

I got a bunch of dried kelp from the west coast and it looks like awsome spooky trees so im making a forest board expect some tutorials from that. im almost done my mordor army its more than half painted and I will be showing it off hopefully by christmas

I want to continue on with space orks making more custom dreads out of extra bits getting a whole ork hoard with a battle wagon and stuff
hopefully my freind pamplemouse will start colecting eldar and then I might make a scratch built stompa just for fun

24 mordor orks
24 moria goblins
24 moranon orks
mordor troll
mordor troll cheiftan
cave troll
3 black numenoreans
3 morgul stalkers
4 moria goblin prowlers
moulth of sauron foot and mounted
many crapy uruk pike men to convert into banner carriers

banner carrier
16 high elf archers
11 high elf swords men
16 numenorians
3 high elf spearmen

40k stuff
paint pot killa kan
ork deff dread
ork warboss
2 mega armor nobs
4 grots
ork kannon and gretchin crew
mad dok grotsnik
space marine landraider

one warmachine war jack I think is from
kador all the 40k and warmachine stuff is horrably mangled because I bought those a while ago but Im starting to fix it all up

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Orc banner carrier
Orc banner carrier
finally got around to painting one of my converted models here it is hope you like it
Mordor gaming board finished(old)
Mordor gaming board finished(old)
Hey I finally got around to posting the pics of my finished board. They were taken in september when I finished it. So the pics are a bit crappy but I dont feel like taking new ones because the board is stored deep in my closet. the cracked bubbly texture on the rocks is from spray paint and the tower is magnatized if you didnt notice. Oh ya and theres pics showing what that statue I made a while back looks like painted.
LOTR conversions
LOTR conversions
some conversions I made a while back in late summer got around to taking the pics recently hope you enjoy
ORKTOBER killa kan contest entry
ORKTOBER killa kan contest entry
worked till 3 in the morning to get this to the forum on time the power weapon is a dart sawed in half
terrain project gaming/display board
terrain project gaming/display board
my new project that im almost finished its like a mordor castle in the ocean with a bridge going out to it and a gaming board oh and the castle cut away is magnatized and has a spiral stair case

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TinyGiant (Over a year ago):
must also say that i love your mordor terrain content!!!
TinyGiant (Over a year ago):
hey, nice paintings
EraserRazor (Over a year ago):
wow your Moria terrain is really good If you check my page im building Balins tomb how did you paint the flooring of the rocky terrain bit thats the effect I want in mine tnx and I've subscribed
Petoy (Over a year ago):
pollute, is that what you mean?
kraizer (Over a year ago):
But i thought i saw you speking Norwegian to.... Ig-gay or wathever.
kraizer (Over a year ago):
Ima speaking norwegian lol
kraizer (Over a year ago):
he snakker du ikke norsk!?
kraizer (Over a year ago):
hvorfor i hellvete snakker du fændens ENGELSK til meg din jævla DRITT!!!!! neida
kraizer (Over a year ago):
Du spiller team fortress?
titanslayer2 (Over a year ago):
btw the yellow putty is milliput
shamethemus (Over a year ago):
Petoy (Over a year ago):
thx, i'll tell my other subscribers to check out your channel
Petoy (Over a year ago):
hey shmaethemus, look i'm sorry about what i said about your stuff, i was upset that some people take this miniwargaming to seriously and outcast and what not just becuase they can paint or build better than i can. also cool stuff, i'm going to sub back to your channel if you subb to mine. thx for your time, and feel free to give me any comments and criticism. remember sub back plz.
PAMPLEMOUSE (Over a year ago):
yeah man i would bring the hate but this is a friendly place where every one is unisex and god is both here there and "alla"where
TimmyTheAmazing (Over a year ago):
Merry Chrismass Mate
Supermass (Over a year ago):
hey shamethemus, thanks for your comment on the elves, their shields are old Lizardmen shields. I used greenstuff to cover the glyphs and lizard symbols. i think there oop now.
ntoadeath (Over a year ago):
thanks for the sub!
Exacuter-of-chaos (Over a year ago):
hey whats up?
taquito92 (Over a year ago):
no problem, I like ur stuff
CoolGuysWhoSitatHome (Over a year ago):
I added a video to the Crystal Page Check it out
Jurrian (Over a year ago):
You could buy something off MWG and get the 14-day trial (atleast, that is what I got with my package). I'm sorry I can't really write many articles/vids in the normal section. I've got a deal with MWG that I have to produce paying member articles only:\
CoolGuysWhoSitatHome (Over a year ago):
Hey i really liked your Orktober Killa Kan Contest Entry. Thanks for subscribing to us. I am excited about the crystal city too.
Jurrian (Over a year ago):
Wow sorry for late reply. Sounds like a nice idea. I'll see what I can do
djmsapp (Over a year ago):
mucho thanks man
Sylar (Over a year ago):
Hey thanks for the views, nice channel great to find other lotr people