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Hello!!! figured id say a little bit about myself. im 19 and am currently attending collage for architecture,anyway i got into 40k about 2 years ago when my friend invited me to a game store in town. i thought video games but it turned out different, and i instantly loved the idea of tabletop gameing. so i went home and started looking up videos about it online and eventually found mwg. i especially enjoyed looking at other peoples painted minis, and terrain making videos.
anyway, my goal is to collect every army in 40k. over a long time span that is. my armys so far are
space marines(ultramarines and doom legion schemes)
chaos daemons
chaos space marines (black legion)
and small amount of imperial guard

no im not rich, i just happend to get really good deals because my friends like to switch armys alot and will sell me theirs for a really good price X)
anyway thats about it. happy wargameing

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Forge world Eldar Avitar
Forge world Eldar Avitar
Avitar model i painted for a friend.
(Very pic heavy)
Independent characters
Independent characters
for those who are looking for something to listen too while they paint or assemble models.
metal daemon prince w/wings
metal daemon prince w/wings
added some hive tyrant wings to my old daemon prince.
blood angel sternguard
blood angel sternguard
models i painted for a friend :)
ALL of my armies
ALL of my armies
very pic heavy, but pics of all my armys on one 4x6 table.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I know you. Do you play at Die Hard Games?
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Thank you for your comment on my Fire Dragon Exarch
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thank you
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u suck