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Cryx Battle Group
Cryx Battle Group
My Cryx models.
Finished well
Finished well
Finished the well for my Warmachine village.
Village well WIP
Village well WIP
I decided I need a well in the middle of my playtesting village.
My Warmachine models
My Warmachine models
Cygnar and Khador battle boxes, used for play testing Warmachine.
Industrial building
Industrial building
Finished painting and basing my industrial building for WH40K.

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Recent Channel Comments:

kieran3296 (Over a year ago):
i love your tarrain ive started to make a pump like the one you made (i wont take credit for it i swear)
will23451- (Over a year ago):
nice 40k ima subbin!
photographen (Over a year ago):
Maybe not another Carnifex, but I am contemplating making a Mycetic Spore pod...
Bergunder (Over a year ago):
Got me on the fex. Can we hope for other carnifex sculpts?
jimmy72nd (Over a year ago):
subbed you man, love the custom carnifex.
poptart11 (Over a year ago):
Awesome carnifex