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i live in England i like chaos orks and tau i like reading(mostly fantasy and adventure) my favorite chaos god is Khorne my favorite legion are the World Eaters and the Black Legion

my favorite ork clan is the Goffs

i dont have a favorite Tau sept

my other past times are playing on Xbox and playing on my computer

i like Heavy Metal and my favorite band is trivium

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mashpotato's Faves:

Nurglefication, DavicusPrime Style
Nurglefication, DavicusPrime Style
An attempt to demonstrate how I turn a standard Chaos marine plastic mini into an oozing devotee of Papa Nurgle.
The last samurai Warhammer style
The last samurai Warhammer style
This is a remake of the last samurai battle in the end of the film

Hope you enjoy
Painting Ork skin
Painting Ork skin
A complex tutorial on painting Ork skin, with pictures