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I'm started playing tabletops in 1992. First Game was Heroquest than warhammer and battletech. I only paint a few minis and quit the hobby after some years. I restarted it 3 years ago, dig out my old minis and starting to paint them. I enjoy both painting and playing. Now i play warhammer fantasy and 40k and since last year also warmachine. Now i will restart playing battletech also. On my channel you will find painting tutorials for all the games above, army/lance presentations and maybe some battle reports.
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 Rhino restoration
Rhino restoration
A little project i want to show you. Feel free to visit my youtube channel.
 Devlan Mud vs. Army Painter Strong Tone Ink
Devlan Mud vs. Army Painter Strong Tone Ink
Just a little comparison between our beloved Devlan Mud from Games Workshop and the new Army Painter Strong Tone Ink with a amazing result.
Thanks a lot for watching. Hope you like it.
Terrorgheist Zombie Dragon Proxy finished
Terrorgheist Zombie Dragon Proxy finished
A quick showcase of my Terrorgheist Zombie Dragon Proxy for some wip vids please look at the playlist on my youtube channel. Please like if you want. Thanks for watching.
Skeleton warriors finished
Skeleton warriors finished
Now finally the finished unit of skeleton warriors from Mantic Games. On the end of the vid there is some weird special for my buddy idicbeer. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching.
Devlan Mud vs. Agrax Earthshade
Devlan Mud vs. Agrax Earthshade
Just a little comparison of devlan mud and agrax earthshade. Sorry for the bad english but i was very angry and not very concentrated.

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