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Name: J
Position: Eldar
Born: July 2
Blood Type: O+
Height/Weight: 5'9"/130
Smoke/Drink: -/Whiskey
Style: Visual Kei/Gaze Rock
Location: Middle Tennessee

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Oct 13: Happy October! Just dusted off my 5 year old Eldar and am anticipating some good match ups (if i can find any). Also if there is anyway to blog on this website please let me know how to do it- I'm technology challenged. Ok well I'm off, ttyl.

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hansolo (Over a year ago):
mmmmmmmmm cookies wats up
ljb2z (Over a year ago):
Hey guys! Sorry I have been away, oh Gaze Rock is a life style/image derived from the foreign band The GazettE and the genre, Visual Kei (Visual Style).Oh and sorry about the odd profile I got the idea from Miyavi and his page on Myspace.
hansolo (Over a year ago):
were did u`z go
oldzoggyboy555 (Over a year ago):
guys guys give the guy a chance to anwser your questions!
Hardcore-WolfMarine (Over a year ago):
Seriously, im not making fun of you or anything, im interested in it, ive never heard of that before o.o
hansolo (Over a year ago):
p.s could u please sub XD
hansolo (Over a year ago):
evan tell us ur height and weight lol i guess wall were at it 5 foot 8 245 pounds and im 13 lol
hansolo (Over a year ago):
orks and lizard men right now have u got 5th ed rule book yet
Hardcore-WolfMarine (Over a year ago):
Sorry, but ive never heard of Gaze rock? Explain?
hansolo (Over a year ago):
damnt i mean autobiography *(i suck at typing )
hansolo (Over a year ago):
i dont give a damn if u right a damn biography * my bad
hansolo (Over a year ago):
no man i dont give a damn biography but man welcome to the site ur eldar must be from 4th ed right
hansolo (Over a year ago):
hansolo (Over a year ago):
wat is up my funky freind god damn tell us ur life story u evan put ur blood type lol