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I am a Tyranid and Eldar player. I've played 40k since I was 6, with that said you may understand my obsession with Tyranids. I got a bunch of nids that I've had for a while and now is slowly starting to paint them. I've got an almost entirely green color scheme that I like. I recently played a "tournament" which involved one of my friends and his marines plus the new planetstirke missions 1-3 and we still have three more games to go. I have won all the games so far with my nids. We alternate attacker and defender, I was attacker 1st then defender then attacker etc. My avatar is my trygon prime for my army. I want to post pics but I have to get around to painting to actually showing you guys something cool.
I haven't done much with Eldar except look nice as display on a shelf.

Usual Enemy Armies:
Space marines
and soon to be Orks


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My Trygon Prime
My Trygon Prime
I had fun painting this model, come look at it!
My Autrach with Wings
My Autrach with Wings
I love this model, come rejoice in its awesomeness
Battle report
Battle report
just an old battle report (2k 4ed nids and marines i think)
The Spider-Fex!
The Spider-Fex!
a little conversion work, this model is NOT completely done but i wanted to post it
Carnifex #2 (Contest Entry)
Carnifex #2 (Contest Entry)
I finished another carnifex after a week of painting him, note the baneblade ladder in his tusks, and the squished dire avenger

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sharkvictim (Over a year ago):
You left me a message a while back saying you wanted to see my Braveheart Kroot. I recently sold my tau, but I finally got pics up.
jimmy72nd (Over a year ago):
add some more content bud, i wanna see more eldar and nids.
Imperial-Guardsman (Over a year ago):
Your spider-fex is awesome.
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
you have SOOOOOO many subscribers!
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
nice trygon!
Zhanke (Over a year ago):
please sub me, I like spider-fex a lot by the way
rofldtehawzum (Over a year ago):
lol cool title thing. its like putting tau against orks in close combat XD
Chaos-Ruler (Over a year ago):
No prob Thnx 4 subing back
marian21 (Over a year ago):
sub for a sub
NariNariNari (Over a year ago):
Hi! Your Trygon Prime is Awesome !!
kooleyo (Over a year ago):
well, I somehow have avoided my warhammer for some time. I've been doing other things but soon I will give you guys more frequent updates. I'm sorry if you subscribed and are disappointed with the lack of content
necronplayer111 (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
niner33 (Over a year ago):
there diffrent colors
sharkvictim (Over a year ago):
yeah i only have two tau battleforces, but i have given myself freely to the will of the chaos gods, and should have most of 3k worth of thousand sons by the end of august. (subbed btw)
kraizer (Over a year ago):
its not ONLY a Scatter Laser, its a conversion you'll see more to later.
Spacemarinesrock (Over a year ago):
u have 104
Spacemarinesrock (Over a year ago):
they only have about 110 (109)
Spacemarinesrock (Over a year ago):
i ment epic duck studios!
tauplayer111 (Over a year ago):
i dont think anyone will have more subbers than him
Spacemarinesrock (Over a year ago):
soz i got the wrong person about the subs
Spacemarinesrock (Over a year ago):
hey kooleyo u have more subbers than warpetire
nidprime6 (Over a year ago):
niner33 (Over a year ago):
great job im subbibg
DestinationAlaitoc018 (Over a year ago):
I really like your Autarch, and i plan on collecting eldar too. I'll sub you
necronplayer111 (Over a year ago):
sure. by the way i love nids