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Ork Battlewagon
Ork Battlewagon
Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon for Warhammer 40k
Forgeworld Trench
Forgeworld Trench
An older, out of production Forgeworld resin trench/blockade set with a pillbox. I scavenged some guns from a razorback kit; everything else came in the box.
40k Barricades
40k Barricades
A small piece of terrain I put together from the Games Workshop Battlefield Accessories kit, some plasti-card, beach sand and a backpack from an Academy Tank Accessories kit.
Forgeworld Orc Warboss Bust
Forgeworld Orc Warboss Bust
This is an out of production Forgeworld Orc Warboss. Yes he is wearing a unicorn skull on his helmet.

Ork Nobz
Ork Nobz
Some Assault on Black Reach Nobz. Mixed with some parts of guns from a Devastator Squad. Made a couple kombi-rokkits, kombi-skorchas and some powerklaws from old power fists.

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nudnikspilkis (Over a year ago):
nice bastion!
ForTheEmperor (Over a year ago):
I like ALL your vids
murk62 (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
Exacuter-of-chaos (Over a year ago):
hey love the dwarf hold vid rock on
Jombo (Over a year ago):
Hey, jtrees, do those terrain pieces that you cast crumble or break easily? I read somewhere the hydrocal breaks easily.