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age:15 almost 16 in nov..em..ber
addiction:ciggaretts, caffeine, chocolate and killing 'umies and more DAKKA DAKKA

army list:
-2 warbossis
Thrakne Uzlug Nobgul Gor: kompi twinlinked shoota and a scrocha, powerclaw, posepole(pretty big one ) and an attack squig
the other one is jsut a standard AOBR warboss.
-20 gretchin
-2 ork runtherd
(both with grappa stick and one with a squig and one with a whip thinky.)
-47 boyz
6 big shootas
2 rokit lounchas
1 booma boy
8 shoota boyz
32 slugga boyz( I need more i know)
-15 nob
1.powerclaw, posepole and a slugga, metaljaw
1.power claw, choppa, and metaljaw
1.powerclaw, shoota metaljaw and a posepole
1.Gobthug skele Nargul big choppa, metaljaw and cybork body(my skeleton nob)
1.kombi scrocha/shoota and a grotammobackpack thinky.
1.cybork body, big choppa and pospole
1.choppa, slugga and posepole
1.slugga, choppa and a stikkbomb backpack
7. with slugga, choppa
1. with big choppa
1. one ammo runt
-1 mega nob
with kombi scrocha/shoota and powerclaw
-4 burnas and mek boy
-4 loots
-2 ork trukk
big shoota and wrackingball
big shoota
-1 battlewagon
reinforced ram, kannon, grappastick, three big shoota and the grot gun(dont know the name, u know what i mean) all of this can be taken off exept the reinforced ram.
-1 ORK STOMPA!!!!! i like to call her litle miss sunshine
to lazy to tell whats on it xD
-4 deffkopta
-1 warbuggie
-1Gorgor Dakarunt: mek/w assault attack gun.
-3 killa kanz
1.close combat arm and a scrocha
2.close combat arm and a rokkit louncha.
3.close combat arm and a big shoota
=1099 pts + stompa
-ork electrik tube
-WIP ork watchtower
2 Assoult On Black Reach boxes

and more and more every month

ORK'Z RULE!!!!!!!!!
deff to da emperar muhahahahahah!!!

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new stuff
new stuff
well allot of new stuff
my new orks :D
my new orks :D
here are my new orks
some news
killa kanz
killa kanz
killa kanz weirdboy and trukk
WIP new Killa kanz
WIP new Killa kan'z
so this is how far i've got :D

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orks-conquer-all (Over a year ago):
orks sub 4 sub
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
I sub'd. Ur orks are amazing!
niner33 (Over a year ago):
awesome orks ill sub
Blackmaster1234 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
oldzoggyboy555 (Over a year ago):
nice kans!!! (sounded gay)
Commander (Over a year ago):
i ment too do alot of washes on there because i want it to be dark and moregrim instead of LOOK at my flashy collors kind of nids
jayjay813 (Over a year ago):
ace ventura
jayjay813 (Over a year ago):
allllrightyyyy thenn!!! lmao....finkle is inehorn, inhhorn is finkle, inehorn is a man!!!!!
nidprime6 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
weeham111 (Over a year ago):
RIP cat:`(
SwissArmy49 (Over a year ago):
I created my account a while ago, but i started posting and using it only yesterday.
JoeyWarhammerFreak (Over a year ago):
REPLY TO YOUR COMMENT ON MY VIDEO "WARHAMMER 40K ORK ARMY": yes it is a wip. the deffkoptas are finished (unless no base counts as still a wip) and some boys are finished but yeh most of it is WIP!!! LOL
JoeyWarhammerFreak (Over a year ago):
oh i get it. does AOBR stand for Assul on black reach?
JoeyWarhammerFreak (Over a year ago):
Whats an AOBR
weeham111 (Over a year ago):
cant wait for the finished kans, any conversions done on ur trukk?
orkman99 (Over a year ago):
i got a stompa i will post it on my channel in the next week
Coconidoman (Over a year ago):
i love orks
weeham111 (Over a year ago):
hey, nice paint job on th killa kans so far, cud u possibly upload sum pictures of ur stompa they so cooool
hershey555 (Over a year ago):
but the singer is good if she sang good music
hershey555 (Over a year ago):
the song sucks and if u like it then thats ur problem
DevotedtoCHAOS (Over a year ago):
Hey gorork, I just got a Battlewagon and used it in a battle. It crushed the dreadnaught under its treads!
DevotedtoCHAOS (Over a year ago):
Hey I saw your comments on my game, he thought the multi-melta would keep any vehicles at bay. Also that his Dreadnaught weapon could take care of any boys
I-AM-THE-RPD (Over a year ago):
its now on google images http://www.ifelix.net/gamingblog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/IMG_2868.jpg
impiralgay (Over a year ago):
more of da cat PS:norway rocks
PIZZAintheAIR (Over a year ago):
yeah, i know, but there still hours away of finished,! but thnx