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hey wargamers, i'm dragonknight47. I've love MWG and I'm a subscriber to them on YouTube and everything else that's good for them. I'm a decent gamer at Warhammer 40000 and I visit my GW frequently for games and hobbying. My army is currently at 2750 points (only!) and I'm always looking to expand it. All right then, see you guys in places on the site!

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Tactical Work (40k Short Story)
Tactical Work (40k Short Story)
A short 40k story inspired by some truly epic Scout models I converted. Video will be up on YouTube (and here) soon!
The Second Encounter (40k Short Story)
The Second Encounter (40k Short Story)
sequel to "A New Type of Ork." I got the idea from shadowlion01 (i think)
A New Type of Ork (40k Short Story)
A New Type of Ork (40k Short Story)
lately I find myself becoming drawn to Orkiness and I typed up this little story as a bit of fun for me and also to share the background of my custom Ork klan, the Botboyz.
The Dragon Knights (appearance)
The Dragon Knights (appearance)
colour scheme for my DIY Space Marine Chapter, the Dragon Knights

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