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HeY! It's me from Norway!
40k Armies:
Eldar (Ulthwe)- He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it.

Chaos Space Marines (Red Corsairs) - Death to the False Emperor!)

Tyranids (Bugs of war scheme)

Fantasy Army:
Skaven (have no idea...)- All tunnels lead to Skavenblight.

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Trygon/mawlock WIP
Trygon/mawlock WIP
Fully magnetized Trygon prime- mawlock (exept tail)
My carnifex WIP
My carnifex WIP
This is my fully magnetized carnifex, so i can switch out the weapons..
My gargoyle WIP
My gargoyle WIP
This is my gargoyle..
My tyranid troops..
My tyranid troops..
This is pics of my warrior, termagant, hormagant and Genestealer. its only one of each to give you the idea of how the army will look when its done..
My zoanthrope
My zoanthrope
this is my zoanthrope

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donnyb (Over a year ago):
You asked a question about my heldar army, I'm happy to answer. How do I do the bases. First I bought some lava resin bases from back2basex or some similar company. Then after spraying black I give the lava a layer or two of watered down white. Then I use fiery orange, sunburst yellow/fiery orange/sunburst yellow in succesively smaller amounts. I try and highlight the higher areas of the lava flow. Then I give it a watered down red wash. Then redo the lava in yellow, and yellow/white. After that the rocky areas are given a dry brush of shadow grey and finally codex grey/shadow grey. Thanks for checking them out, and keep watching for the rest of the army. Cheers.